Found the Paint Code for Mystichrome!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by TimGT, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. Well I wanted to paint my car Mystichrome because my friend just got a new paint booth. Well I had him look for the paint code and was able to get it so it looks like my car is going to be painted that color, if anyone want's I'll post it. I was going to try and have him get the Berllium orange too so we'll see if he can, I just need the VIN first so if any one has a VIN too one let me know.
  2. Sweet. Definitely post the code. Saleen, however, tries VERY hard to keep their Beryillium code hush-hush though :shrug:
  3. Post it up. That is good info.

    Also, post how much that stuff costs for a quart.
  4. He said all the paint code is just G6 and the only place you can get it is from Ford and they mix it for you. He said it costs about $600 a gallon and another $200 for good clear, so everything is about $800.
  5. yehit should be pretty hard to get the berrilium color--goodluck though :nice:
  6. thanks for the info dude! :nice:
  7. how much paint does it take to coat a stang?

    and what is berrilium? is it that wierd metallic orange color? it look a LOT like orange imola pearl (a honda color I believe only offered in Japan)
  8. So your friend is actually able to get the paint? Ford will send it??

  9. :drool:
  10. Yup he can get it so I'm going to paint it over Christmas vacation so I'll post pics when it's done. If you guys know the VIN to any Beryillium orange Saleens let me know and maybe he can try and get it because it doesn't hurt to try.
  11. Damn that Beryillium is gorgeous!! :hail2: :hail2:
  12. :drool:
  13. I seriously doubt your will get the Beryllium. From everything I have heard they do not just get the VIN and then "send" you the paint or even a code. From what I understand from others is that a rep comes out to actually inspect the car and only then do you get the paint. I have also heard that they will not leave any exta behind either.
  14. I find it very hard to believe that Ford is just going to hand over the MysticChrome paint with just a paint code. If they do, more power to ya but I guess they aren't trying to protect it like they did the original mystic. I have been through it, either you have to own the car or know someone high up on the food chain to get it.

    And yes that Beryllium Orange is freaking awesome.

    Let us know if you actually get the paint.

  15. I agree with cammin4.6 - getting the paint code is a no op - getting the paint is the hard part. Ford will want to verify that you have a mystic car before they will cough up the paint.
  16. is it that hard for someone in the paint business to do trial and error to come up with the color? just a thought..
  17. It's hard. It has ingredients made by the people who "make things better", BASF.
    I've also heard that a rep will come out and estimate exactly how much paint is required.
  18. does anyone have a picture of the yellow mystic paint that SVT dropped at the last minute?
  19. yellow mystic?
    man i want to see that
  20. From working in the autobody field myself I don't think your buddy is just going to call up for and have them deliver you some mystic, or mystic chrome. like it was said before you actually have to have a car with the paint on it. Ford will send you a rep. with the crystal (kind of like a metalic) and I think they bring a spray gun too, mix the paint let you spray it them take every thing left over with them. They don't just hand it out, if they did there would be more cars than just the original cobra's driving around painted mystic.