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  1. Does anybody recall if the stock motor mounts on a Fox body Mustang have a built-in separation safety rivet or device as opposed to 60's/70's motor mounts that were just bonded rubber to metal? I forgot to check the last time I was under the car but definitely do not want to dent my hood! ouch! Or are the two metal plates interwoven to prevent them from separating?
  2. Get the energy suspension poly motor mounts, i just replaced my original mounts in my 90 gt and they had what looked like a small rubber donut connected with a rivet that was loose and broken which was supposed to prevent separation. The energy suspension mounts made a world of difference on my engine. I also got the es poly trans mount that replaced my flimsy broken oem trans mount. competition engineering also makes an engine torque link for fox body mustangs that mounts using your sway bar frame bolts and bolts to the cylinder head so the engine won't pop the hood.
  3. Neither stock or aftermarket come apart. They are bonded to metal.

    We just picked up the Energy kit which included (2) Motor Mounts & (1) Tranny Mount.



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  4. The Energy Suspension poly mounts along with a few other poly mounts slightly raise the motor...

    The best stock replacement mounts are from a 93 Mustang Convertible which slightly lower the motor, and have complete bonded shells.
  5. No...the Prothane mounts raise the motor, especially on 91+ cars that all came with the lower, "convertible" style mounts from the factory, because the Prothanes mimic the older hardtop style, which is taller. And also not fully encapsulated, so yes, they can come apart. The Energy Suspension mounts mimic the encapsulated convertible style mounts that came on 87-93 convertibles and all hardtops from 91-93, and they'll lower the engine on '90 and older hardtop that came with the old hardtop style mounts.
  6. FACT is no matter the mount ALL stock FAIL and eat the fan blades. Energy is the best period. I installed mine in 2002 and LOVE them !!

    Just sayin..............
  7. Now I'm thoroughly confused. When I said bonded, I meant the old style that just had a piece of rubber between to metal shells. When they broke, the rubber bond to the metal separated and the engine could rise up. If the 1990 mounts are riveted somehow, then they are not of the so-called bonded type because they have a connection in case of failure. This is what I really was asking?

    Also, in the future, I do want to put in urethanes but co not nor cannot raise the motor so which urethane manaufacturer would be the best to go to and just get them for a 1990 Mustang GT? Or is another year in order here because you guys are in the know? I do not mind lower it but definitely do NOT want to raise it. As always THANKS!
  8. Energy suspension mounts will not raise the engine. If anything, they'll lower it slightly.
  9. Do stock engine mounts have a built in safety feature to keep them from completely separating?
  10. Why does it matter? If you're making enough power to separate a set of new engine mounts of any brand, my hats off to you.
  11. I've never seen that sort of failure. If you are worried, get solid mounts, but the sort of failure you are describing isn't common with your typical 5.0-based combo