1. Ok right now I have a 94 5.0 gt. I kinda want to sell it and get something a little nicer. I like my 94 but at this point I think its not the best choice to build up.
    So I'm thinking my budget is around 6grand. I know the 99-04 4.6 is much faster but with my budget I'm thinking the one I would be able to afford would need a ton of work of being that its newer I would think parts are more expensive and the engine is harder to work on compared to the fox 5.0. Now looking the fox body $6 grand can potentially get me a really nice fox. With prob a rebuilt engine with some type of list of upgrades lol. Now I don't care about paint as long as the engine is really nice and has anice set of wheels and brakes and suspension is in hood shape I will bea happy camper.
    Now what's your guys opinion. Wat are the pros of the foxbodys compared to a 99-04. And do you guys think I can find what I'm looking for in a fox with my budget?
  2. Also if I were looking for a fox body I would def want supercharged or atleast ready for it. Like all forged. Turbo would be awesome but I'm thinking tuebo would be over my budget.
  3. Hood shape. image.jpg
  4. Daily driving a fox kinda sucks. Think about this my man; if suspension is on that long list of extras more than likely they leaned towards the racier side. You don't wanna be running around town in that. It'd be like riding in a chuckwagon. Might be cheaper to keep er Ry guy
  5. Why can't you build a 94 again?
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  6. In all honesty, id prefer a 94-04 chassis to build up than a fox chassis.
  7. I thought you got some cash coming to you and were buying a new car?
  8. Cross the fox off your list. While i love mine, in most cases it's going to be a worse car than a 94 for daily driving. More fun? Probably, but for 6 grand you aren't getting a built up quality daily driver.

    As for new edge cars being "much" faster, ya if you are comparing it to a minivan and even then in stock form it's not a slam dunk.

    The new edge is much better for daily driving, but far more expensive to modify.
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  9. Having owned both....

    go 99+
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  10. This. I had one with an S-trim and exhaust. 420 whp safely, but got greedy and retuned it up to 460 whp. Both were very fun.
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  11. Words to live by. Unless you're wealthy you either make payments or you make repairs. There are going to be issues when daily driving any 10+ yr old vehicle. Just the facts of life.
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  12. My 2006 GT was a great daily driver but it was fully loaded.

    Don't think I could do a FOX DD in current day. Twenty two years ago it's all we had.
  13. I love my DD Fox even though it drains every paycheck. Of course this thread is not about DDing. I think fox's turn more eyes and have more status than a SN95 or a New Edge. You see them everyday.
  14. It is not that the 4.6 is harder to work on, it is that you are not used to working on one. I changed both cams on my 08' Bullitt without pulling the timing cover or intake manifold. Just pulled the V/C's and moved the air box and battery out of the way, and with the right tools replaced both cams is less than 3 hrs. I did not even have to buy a single gasket. I did not have to drain an ounce of coolant. Now tell me that you can change a cam faster than that on a push-rod 5.0. The 4.6 may be a bit more costly for parts right now, but (hell the 4.6 has been out for 18 years now) parts are getting cheaper.
  15. Agreed. The 4.6L is easy to work on...it's just different than a 5.0. Once you pop the hood and do a few simple repairs or yank a valve cover, you'll see it's nothing really too complex.

    In terms of the rest of the car...it's pretty much just a reskinned fox. Even the engine bay still has the two snorkel locations into the fender that the old 79-85 Mustangs used for the carb intake hoses...still present up to 2004.

    Technology wise, you get ABS (option) traction control (option) longer wheel base so the rear wheels are less prone to becoming the front wheels, better interior, better stereo system, better highway gas mileage, better brakes, better wheel options.

    If you want HP, throw a throttle body, plenum and exhaust on the GT and now you'll be close to 300HP at the crank. A tune would be the icing on the cake.

    If i had $6K in my pocket and it came down to a clean 1992 Fox GT or a clean 2001 GT....i'd go SN95 all the way. You just get more bang for your buck.

    I'd even suggest a 96-98 Cobra if you can find a decent one.
  16. A rebuilt engine and some suspension parts (depending on how it's done) costs LESS than a good paint job and having to go through the interior and replace a bunch of chit.

    Whether it's a Fox or SN95, shop for a Mustang that has a good foundation, receipts, good paint and interior with a strong running motor & trans. Who cares how "built" it is so long as it built well and reliable. Making it faster can come with time a few bucks at a time. Can't do that with paint & body work.
  17. Ah but it is
  18. Is that a pic of StatusKill in his Cabriolet? This must have been before he got his Tommy Bahama pretentious hat. Love it!
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  19. Didn't see him say it was for a DD. Maybe I misunderstood :shrug: thought his purpose was to build it up on a budget
  20. I think he's wanting to sell his 94 which I think is his DD to try and buy a "new" ride.