Fresh Paint On Notch, Opinions ?

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Your Opinion ?

  1. HOT

  2. Dig It

  3. WTF ?

  4. You HOMO!

  1. What do you think ?

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  2. You can't just give us one picture to look at! Have any more?
  3. I took it right after i drove it home, and then jumped in my car for a 5 hour road trip, literally took one picture ... i will be back in town tomorrow for more ...
  4. Looks nice
  5. Paint the wheels white and it would be the perfect smurfmobile.
  6. i got a better idea ... i think ill just re-paint it red ;)
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  7. Go tarheels! I love it!
  8. My personal opinion is to darken the wheels to anthracite to go with the smoked head lights a little better, and then it is great!
  9. It looks ok...i think tint the windows...and black rims would make it look wicked...
  10. Original plan was to throw on a set of black ccw replicas. Then I saw an m5 with the same color body and anthracite wheels and it looks slick. So plan is to get a set of anthracite wheels... nothing traditional I want more of a tuner wheel and drop it an inch. Should look killer on black tints.