Roush friend getting roush

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by SXYXC, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. okay, so one of my friends is currently trying to buy a roush from a dealer, he is going to get it pretty cheap, because the first owner bought it a stage one then upgraded everything to a stage three.. and modified the interior, and exhaust, and a few other things... Well now he thinks that he is the ****, and thinks its the fastest thing out there... and could absolutily destroy the 03/04 cobra.. i say you could beat them but not destroy..

    help how fast are the stage 3 roush's??
  2. What year is the roush?
  3. its an sn197, but i think it may be a 07
  4. The S197 Stage 3s are quick, but a stock or mildly modded 03/04 will run with him.
    Drivers race. Considering the rwhp the S3s put down and the extra weight compared to even the portly 03/04 Cobras.

    "destroy" .... not likely.

    Tell him to enjoy the new ride!! Good looking ride.
  5. ^:Word: The Roush is a fast car but so is the Terminator. It really boils down to the driver. The driver is going to win the race:Track: , not the car itself because they match up pretty well against each other. Like said your buddy won't destroy a Cobra but he will run with them assuming cars are stock.
  6. yeah, and then on top of that. the roush he is buying has some extra weight in the trunk.. they are called 4 10's
  7. The Cobra would have the advantage now since your buddy has 4 10' subs in the back. He should take those out:p