From Explorer to Expedition to Mustang in Tennessee

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  1. I've been a regular on the Expedition Forum for over 2 years. I'm not a mechanic but I've manage to work on my Expy from 200,000 miles to over 350,000 miles & it still runs great.

    I traded in my Expy so my mother could get a new car. I saved up money and bought a very low priced Mustang.

    It's a 1996 V6 & I get a lot of crap for it being a V6. :( I will get some pictures up asap but it's not too pretty. The previous owner really neglected it.

    Anyways just wanted to say hello & I'll be a regular on the forum here from now on. Can't wait to get to know ya guys. :cool:
  2. Welcome to StangNet!
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  3. Thanks timeless2, I really appreciate it!
  4. I'm betting the Expedition was a bit quicker than your Stang. :D

    Pretty cool you'd give up your Expy to get your mom a car. Don't feel too bad about the sixer. You can fix it up quite nicely as a daily driver.
  5. I didn't realize it was going to be harder to work on a car than a suv, hah..

    I'm kinda glad it's not a GT because I already feel like hot rodding it & doing stupid stuff. Mustangs are so much fun!
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  6. Welcome aboard!