Front Plate Bracket Removal?

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by sveet, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. I picked up my Alloy GT500 Vert last week and plan on having Lemans stripes put on it.

    I want to remove the front plate bracket and fill the holes prior to the stripes being put on. The stripes will cover the hole locations.

    Question is how do I get that thing off? It is held on by what look like anti-theft nuts. It is easier to steal the damn car than the license plate braket???

    I want to remove it before it does any damage by somebody leaning on it, etc... proir to getting the stripes, etc...
  2. I am assuming that the dealer has already installed the front license plate bracket. I would tell him that he owes you a new front bumper. There is no reason to drill holes into the front bumper.

    There are other after market brackets that will display your plate without drilling your front bumper. Before I picked up my Shelby I had told the dealer to not install the front bracket.

    The one I purchased can be found on ebay by doing a search for front license plate bracket. Item number: 180204448009 $44.95.

    The best part, it is easily removable for car shows.
  3. I bought it off the showroom floor, so the bracket was already installed when I "found" the car.

    Since it is a covertible, it has no stripes, and I am going to have silver stripes put on. Luckily the stripes cover the holes in the bumper, so ultimately it isn't a big deal.

    The biggest deal, right now, is I can't get the damn thing off. It seems like it is rivited to the damn bumper. I might have to drill the fasteners out, I am not sure???

    Anybody know how these plate brackets are attached???