Fs: Blown Vortech S-trim

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  1. $300 - Or Best Offer

    Recently crashed vortech supercharger. It was on my 2000 Mustang GT. The impeller had hit the housing previously because the impeller nut unscrewed itself. The damage was very minor so I replaced the high speed bearings, seals, and resurfaced the housing. It was working great and making good boost. Then I noticed some silvery powder in my intake pipe, for some reason the impeller was rubbing again. I was still doing the break in on my new motor so it was never ran over 4k with the new bearings.

    It is a counter clockwise rotation. Will work on any 96-04 Mustang. Bracket not included. It does fit on other vehicles but you will have to research that yourself.

    I believe the impeller was out of balance due to that first issue and didnt malfunction until it was spun up to a high enough rpm. You would have to get a new volute (impeller housing) and impeller. Can get new ones of both for about 900 together. I have a bearing that you can get pressed on to replace the bad bearing that is in there now. The pair of bearings are $200 themselves. You might be able to get away with resurfacing the housing again and just buying a new impeller.



  2. hey i know this ad is old lol but do you still have this charger?
  3. hey shoot me a text 615-364-59eight3
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