FS: FRPP Aluminum Drive Shaft

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by fawcett, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. Came off my 95gt which had a t5. My t5 was on its way out so I replaced it with D&D's t56 kit. The d/s is in great shape, ready to bolt in and go.
    Why pay $225+shipping for a new one when you can save right now?

    I'm looking for $170+ shipping/paypal costs.
    My zip is 02025
  2. How many k's on it? Are there any grooves from brake cable etc? Bottom dollar shipped to 48060?
  3. The driveshaft has about 300miles on it tops. Its been sitting in my garage for a couple years and still looks fresh and new. I see a small groove to the front of the center of the driveshaft, could that be from the brake line? I would never have even noticed had you not asked the question. The groove is very very shallow and to be honest I have no idea if it came from Summit/FRPP like that or if it happened while on my car. I'd love to give you a quote but I don't know how to value the shipping costs, I could use some guidence. My zip code is 02025,
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.