fuel injector cleaner?

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  1. does this stuff really work? and is there a special octane gasoline i have to use with it? also what would be a good brand?
  2. SuperTech from Walmart works for me. Just add to regular tank of fuel. If its been awhile I would add a bottle to 1/2 of a tank instead of the recommended full tank.
  3. if i was to use 93 octane would it be more effective than if i used a 87 octane, or vica versa? or does it not matter.
  4. 30 weeks of computerized fuel systems classes taught me that the "tune-up in a bottle" is a bunch of crap.
    There are two effective cleaning methods but they require tools.

    First to clean the fuel system(exam question from yesterday) There is a method that involves disabling the fuel pump and running an EFI car from a pressurized can. Do not let the pressure go above the regulated pressure or the Fuel/cleaner mix will end up in the tank. Run the vehicle until the can is empty.

    Induction cleaning uses a high pressure spray(looks like a nitrous spray bar). It goes in the intake stream before the T-body and cleans everything the air hits.

    The only thing I was told the in the tank bottle was good for was to ruin the injector coils.

    You want to always run the lowest octane possible. Higher octane has less of an explosive quality(energy). Run the lowest you can without detonating.
  5. Then what exactly are some of the advantages of high octane fuel?
  6. Detonation is the key(two flames fronts running into each other). Detonation with high energy gas will not be anywhere as fast as no det. and lower energy gas. No detonation means there are no opposing forces against the piston.
  7. Look up the definition of octane...it's essentially the measure of the anti-knock (detonate) properties of gasoline.