Funny (as long as you didn't fork over $100K+ for a GT500E)

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  1. That is kinda funny, but I think I've got it figured out... Even Sanderson wouldn't do that crappy a job. IMHO, if that is one of the early (or even the first) versions, then it was probably a demo/press car. In that case, I kinda suspect that the emblem has been welded on so some dumbass wouldn't steal it. This would explain why its rusting...
  2. I dunno DB, that sounds like a helluva strech. It'd be alot easier just to slap another badge on there if someone gets handsy. Plus I'd imagine that these cars aren't left alone that long. Resorting to welding a pot metal emblem to the fenders without marring the already painted surface seems a little unlikely to me.
  3. Aaaa.... I took a shot... :shrug:
  4. Sad thing is, we all have heard how these things happen with the original Mustangs/Shelby's because "nobody ever planned for the cars to last this many years". :nonono:

    Hey, wait a minute, where'd I put that CD from the last Midnight at the Oasis car show??? 20 or so pictures of my "object of automotive lust", including badges. That '500 is unrestored; and originally from Rhode Island, no less. Remember some chipped away red paint on the "428 Cobra Jet" emblem; but no rust? :shrug:

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  5. Could be a bogus picture too... Who took it? Im no fan of the Gt500 E , but how do we know its not a GT500 E emblem stuck to the side of a rusty grey dodge in a scrap yard made simply for reasons of bad publicity..................There is a pisswar at present after all...
  6. Really good point Hop.

    This pic comes with zero back-story, so the rusty Dodge is a definite possibility.
  7. Spoke to Doug Hasty yesterday, Pres of UP. This is what he said to me although this is a quote borrowed from another board...

  8. Oh well, MDJay blew that hypothesis away :shrug: Sure doesnt look like compound build up to me. Seems for such a hi profile car, something as conspicuous in an extremely conspicuous place would have been taken care of. If it rust coming through, like most speculate, it will further the war cry of those saying that the GT500 E cars are purely and simply to make money . Build it cheap, sell it steep. And that is implorable . After all, everyone knows you could build the equivalent 351 Eleanor at half the cost they are asking . But like the BJ auctions prove, someone will tap a bank account for it.
  9. gt500e

    Well he told me to go look at the car since it's here in Vegas at $helby's plant so I plan to do so! I'll take a close look and take a couple of pictures.

  10. Funny. He, or someone representing UP sent me a PM inviting me to tour their facilities (not far from my home) so that I could "accurately report" the quality as I see it. I very politely declined, and asked for explanation on the origin of the pic, but got no response. :shrug: