Gamble’s Sweet Chariot Flyer Ford Mustang Road Trip

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    We are pretty sure at least one of Ford Mustang fan’s dreams would be to cruise cross-country at the wheel of his or her favorite faithful steed. One such Stanger (historian Bruce Gamble) who’s done it in his 1967 Mustang convertible, has completed a journey in his “Sweet Chariot” to pay tribute to the bomber his father piloted during World War II. Over the course of his travels, Bruce noted all of his discoveries and findings while cruising across this great nation of ours. Bruce himself is a paralyzed veteran and cancer survivor, so he’s no stranger to adversity and adventure; all which give him a unique perspective on life and its ups & downs.
    To capture the essence of his chronicles, Gamble has published several magazine articles and a book. his latest, “Swashbucklers and Black Sheep”, is due for a September 15, 2012 release. For more information, keep reading the Press Release for all the finer details.

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