Getting MM subframe connectors, got a couple Questions?

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  1. I'm looking to get MM full length subframe connectors for my convertible. I should have done it earlier, but better late than never. For those that have had them installed, what did you pay? I'm going to call around and get pricing this week, but I want a rough idea of what I should be looking to pay. Also, I have read that they are for the coupe and convertible, but I don't know anyone with a convertible that has them, so I want to hear from anyone that does. Thanks for the help.

    96 Laser Red GT Convertible
  2. They are even more important for the convertibles. Good mod. Get them welded in with car resting ON ITS WHEELS naturally. Not with a lift on the frame. Should spray paint over the welds when done. I paid $175. Go with a Mustang shop, even if its a bit more (probably cheaper actually). Someone who has experience with our cars.
  3. I liked the strut tower brace too. They can sometimes be had cheap on ebay or american muscle. Nice to do both at once.
  4. I have MM XL's in my convertible. I payed around that $175 price. Shop must install them with the suspension loaded. As far as the difference.... It took out flex i didn't realize the car had. I noticed an immediate difference on hard cornering and high speed twisted roads. In hindsight i would do the Mod to a couple before anything else if i had to do it again.
  5. Thanks for the info guys, I think I saw that AM was selling the MM subframe connectors for $165, so I'll prob order from them since they have always been good in the passed. What did you pay for the install? I've heard anywhere from $250 to $400.
  6. 175 was my install price
  7. They were my first mod. Replaced the factory bolt ins. Paid 200.00 to have mine welded it. Local mustang shop I called first quoted me 250.00. Call around.

    Very well worthwhile mod. Most overlook it. But something anyone interested in performance should do.
  8. I paid $40 to have mine welded in. Go to a muffler shop, they will weld them in for the best price.
  9. I had mine welded in at a Dyno/muffler shop. The owner is a big mustang guy, so I figured he knew his stuff. I paid $125. Then I sold my GT 2 months later and got a Mach 1. So I basically wasted $300, but whatever. haha
  10. Thanks for all the help guys. I found a guy that has a shop by my house who is a big mustang guy who will do it for me at a good price. Probably will go this Friday.
  11. if you do all the prep work beforehand so all they have to do is weld it, I'm am positive the price will be way cheaper.
  12. Had mine installed for $100.....and like everyone else said, they need to be welded in with all weight ON THE WHEELS!
  13. Thats what i did. I even ground off all the paint from the areas..... thats why it was so cheap.
  14. I was just quoted $700 to install them by a local speed shop. That's with me supplying the parts. Needless to say I will go elsewhere.
  15. Wow. Thats funny!
  16. I picked the car up on Friday after being in VA all week on business, and man what a difference these make. Outside of gears and the PI swap, subframe connectors are the best mod by far. I really noticed it when I went over a section of beat up old train tracks on a back road in my town. I also got my new convertible cloth top put on, so I should have some pictures posted up soon. The cloth looks so much better than the vinyl.
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