Ghost Flames?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Homercidal, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. Last Year at a car show I saw a CObra with an AWESOME paint job. Deep Blue with blue flames that would only appear when you at the right angle. The rest of the paint was flawless too.

    My Father-in-law called that a Ghost Flame effect, but didn't know exactly what how it was done. I was wondering how they create that kind of effect and if it can be duplicated by myself.
  2. Don't know if you can duplicate it yourself, but usually it's done by adding pearl to the body color. That way you have a different sheen to it, but it's still the color of the rest of the car. My flames are kind of ghostie, but a bit more obvious . Mine has a heavy coat of black pearl over the black base. Click on "my garage" to see pics. :nice:
  3. Aww yes, Blake has the 'girls butt' paint job, as I believe someone referred to it. :D Very nice!

    If you are just looking to add flames to an existing paint job, you may be able to add a little pearl to a clear, spray the flames, then spray the whole car with clear once you have the effect you want.
  4. wow, weird, just a few days ago i desided to go with ghost flames aswell.

    but like blake said its usually done with peal over the soil body colour, yours really gonna need to get the whole car redone if you want the full effect of this car.
  5. Nice car, Blake, but that's really not the effect I saw on that Cobra. It was very subtle, but then the paint looked like it was about an inch deep!

    As far as painting it on my Mustang, I'm not sure yet if I will even try. Paint is expensive and I'll probably be doing it in a garage with plastic and makeshift ventilation with filters.... That is unless the university in a nearby town needs a classic car to paint for the Automotive technology courses! We'll see.

    I am putting the car on a rotisserie for a complete strip and restore, so that much is not a problem. If it's as simple as masking some flames and spraying a pearled clear coat, then it sounds pretty easy actually!
  6. Thanks!

    Like I said, mine are more obvious because it is a heavier coat, with tons of pearl, but it is the exact same process. And it's not pearl in the clear, it's pearl in body color, then cleared. :nice:
  7. Ah, I see. I may have to do some more thinking about it. Doesn't sound that hard to do after all. Still haven't decided on a body color yet and that might factor in. Some colors look better flamed than others.

    Still, the process of ghost flames is pretty hard to come by on the Internet. I figured there would be at least several site with detailed description. Most everything else is out there!
  8. has some pictures of ghost flames as there are several bullitts that have them. use the search to look for it, or it might be under the bullitt archieves links.
  9. found them:

    look under photos, then "flamed bullitts"
    theres a dark highland green and a black bullitt pictures with them, although there are several other photos if you search for them.
  10. Some nice cars in there. Still not as subtl as that one Cobra, but hard to tell without being there too. I'll have to think some more on it.

    Saw a TV show last night featuring "True Flames" paint job. Basically a very talented painter who was capable of created very realistic flames. I was very impressed with his work, but realize it is nothing I could do at home. Not that it is very technically challenging, just requires a certain amount of "skill". Standard flames would be hard enough.

    The show was called RIDES and I think it's on The Learning Channel or Discovery.
  11. at some angles you dont even see those flames. ive seen other pictures and the car looks plain, then shift 4 feet to the right, and BAM flames all up the front! pretty awsome stuff.