Good Heads To Use With F-cam And 1.6 Rockers?

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  1. hey guys, looking for some new heads for my 306 mustang..not looking to drop a grand on heads as this motor wont be in the car for that long. it has an f-cam with 1.6 svo roller rockers. what are nice reasonably priced heads that will make this alphabet cam shine.
  2. It should really be the other way around.

    What cam, for XXX heads.
  3. your right..but the heads on the car are junk and im not ripping the motor apart to put in a cam
  4. Seriously, do NOT waste one more minute of brain power thinking about what heads might work with that cam. It's like owning a pile of nails and asking an architect what kind of skyscraper you could build with them.

    It's not even a good cam.

    Also, rockers, springs, and cam should be decided on and bought as a package. It should be the last stuff you buy after the rest of the engine is decided on.

    Do this: save your money and buy a GOOD set of heads. Don't touch anything else. Have fun with a decent set of heads and your existing cam and rockers. You won't be disappointed.
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  5. i agree with this also..but when i say my heads are junk i mean they are just get like gt40's or something cuz i need something but stock.
  6. just pop em off and do a little porting in your garage, that will help some.
  7. Yeah but those are holley heads... known for problems- at least when they first came out.

    To the OP, if you know you have to tear the motor down for the heads, why not do it all at once with a decent cam. Beats tearing the motor down twice. Your going to need new heads, pushrods, gaskets, etc. anyway.

    You already have the TFS intake.. I say get a set of 170 heads with upgraded springs and either a XE264 HR or TFI cam. If you want stock. explorer heads and upgraded Alex or TFS springs with your stock cam.
  8. The guys are just trying to impart some knowledge about motor building. The cam comes after the rest. Focus on buying a good set of heads, and just use the cam you have.

    What's your price range?

    A few hundred = Junk yard GT40P heads (explorers)
    A grand = TFS Twisted Wedge heads (170cc)
    $1300-1500 = AFR 185s, or ported TFS TW heads
  9. If the heads you have are unusable, which is what I think you are trying to say, then you need to find some E7 or P heads to run for the time being. There is no logical explanation for buying good heads right now to use with what you have. When you have the money to buy what everyone has listed about THEN buy some nice heads and get a good cam.
  10. Huh? Gotta disagree. He's got a good intake and a better than stock cam. He's going to do the installation work anyway, because he has to replace his current heads. Even if it's not the optimum cam, he'll get more flow out of any nice set of heads. I understand the P heads if that's all he wants to spend, but they are a downgrade from the holleys, and if he can afford some nice TWs or AFRs, why wouldn't he go that route? Why spend twice and work twice. It'll absolutely show a power gain with premium heads, and if he later swaps the cam he'll have less work to do.
  11. Well he said "not looking to spend a grand', so I figured for the time being, put something on that works until he can get something nice. I wouldn't spend any more money than I had to until I could afford to buy the right stuff once and for all. Maybe I missed what he was getting at?
  12. Don't get P or GT40's. Look for a deal on TW or AFR aluminum's. Should be more concern then saying my heads are junk and I'll just throw GT40 iron's on. Unless your dead set on spending a few hundred bucks. Hell I'd look into GT40X aluminums over those iron heads. I've seen a set recently for like $600. I had them and worked great for me.
  13. I stand corrected. You're right. He said:
  14. Yes, when I say unusable I mean that the holley heads were poorly designed and have valve guide problems that cause them to piss oil within 10-20k miles. And I don't want to spend a lot of money because the engine will only be in the car a for one season.. after that I'm putting a 351 in it
  15. Then take whatever used heads you can find. Junkyard explorers are about the best bang for the buck, but they're irons and are antiques compared the newer stuff.
  16. Yep. That is what I remembered and the point I was trying to make to others. Holley never addressed their poor valve design like TFS did and they leaked oil like a strainer after a few thousand miles.

    If the heads are only going ot be on for one season, either get a set of upgraded explorer heads for 200-300 or plain ole E7's for 50 bucks as they say run what you brung. No sense putting any money in this motor