~Good Luck Will!!!~

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  1. Will aka IICrazy leaves to go into the Navy tomorrow. Just like to wish ya good luck and we'll miss ya!! :flag: :flag:
  2. Good luck and stay safe. Thanks for protecting us. :flag:
  3. :flag:
  4. Keep your head up and your @$$ down. See you around, bro.
  5. Good luck dude. Sorry I couldn't help to get you in trouble today.
  6. thanks all, for the good luck wishes, and it sucks its gotta rain my last day, I wanted to get out and let the cobra loose. I'll be in Chicago until January, so everyone here be safe and watch for the law.

  7. take care will, pisses me off i missed the autographed chop :(
  8. Good luck and always think safety first :nice: :flag:
  9. take plenty of pictures of the roundup, and dont neglect to go see the II parking spaces :nice:
  10. good luck

    good luck bro :flag:
  11. I wonder if he's thinking of us. :shrug: Or maybe he's too worried about the guys yelling in his face.