Good Ol Holley Double Pumper Tunning

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  1. well hello folks, it's been a while since i've had to tune my other holley. So i just put a new motor in my 67 cougar with holley 600 double pumper. I think i kinda know where to start but opinions and suggestions always help.

    Ok, this is what it's doing. At idle you can wrap up the carb to full throttle with no hesitation sputter or and problems at all. Now when you drive it from a dead stop you can take off and it's all smooth, until you get to where the secondaries come in. Then it breaks up bad and will clear up after a second. I'm thinking secondary adjustment/nozzle size... sound right?

    this is my set-up:
    roller 302
    edelbrock aluminum heads
    trick flow stage 1 cam
    long tubes
    edelbrock intake
    stock dizzy with petronix

    Carb: used but i just rebuilt it.
    67 front jets with 6.5 power valve
    73 rear jets no power valve
    28 front nozzle
    32 rear nozzle
    fuel level: just barley trickles out when you push down on fenders

    i think tomorrow i'm gonna start with playing in the secondaries.

    ***also i just took off a edelbrock 600 that was fine, so it's nothing to do with ignition**** thanks..
  2. all those darn stock holley double pumpers do that. my recommendation would be to call AED and ask them which secondary metering parts you need to get it to stop.
  3. Dude I took my 650 Holley to a carb shop, he rebuilt it, and flowbenched it, and gauranteed me I wouldn`t have to touch anything but the idle screw from there on out. Thats the best $65 I ever spent, it was 4 years ago, and i still have never done anything to it. Just an idea....

    It also never ran this good with the new Edelbrock I had before this one.
  4. well I think it actually is my vac. advance. I've been reading and I think I have the vac advance hooked up to the wrong port. Gonna try it out tonight. I played with the jetting and acel. pumps and it got better but not total fixed