got my 2010 gt

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  1. Did the tint come that dark from the factory?
  2. black is one of the better colors i've seen on that car so far...congrats on the purchase.
  3. No. The dealer added the tint to the car when it came in.

    The emblem on the front it painted gloss black and was stock. Not sure if they all come with body colored horses or black...
  4. How's the driving experience? I'm sure you haven't been in the throttle to much since it's breaking in. But how is the general feel?
  5. Outstanding, but I only have my 02 to compare it to. It is much more comfortable to cruise in but when you start to push it really wakes up. It just feels a lot more refined without losing the sports car feel (when you give it some throttle). This car does have the 3.73's though.
  6. that is the kind of stuff I like to hear .. Did you get that one because it has the 3.73s or did you just like the car and it happened to have them..???
  7. It just happened to have them in it but didn't hurt the sales guy selling the car :) I wanted 3.73's in my 02 so having them factory helped out.

    Here's a fun fact - Not sure if they all have this but I believe the car has a built in tach light. A couple nights ago I accidentally got close to redline (like I said it's much faster than the 02) and my speedo and tach (I made them blue) turned red. I didn't notice it during the day but I wasn't looking down when I test drove the car and accelerated spiritedly.
  8. Very very nice. The cover came on the engine as well ? It looks like it...Wow the new 10's took steps in the right directions from the 05~09.

    Grats on your purchase.
  9. Since the 2010's have the adaptive fuel system what kind of octane are you using? Also how is the throttle lag? You may also have to get back to me on this but does the throttle lag decrease with higher octanes?
  10. Very nice car. At first I didn't think I'd like the plastic panels under the doors but I'm sure it's easier keeping them clean versus the painted ones on the 05-09's. Does it have any of the "clunk" when changing the gears like 05-09's do? The rear quarter panel and rear end look amazing. Congrats once again.
  11. The shifter is very nice and haven't noticed any cluncks at all. You can feel the gate very well also. Smooth but you feel it (if that makes since???)

    As for the gas. I'm using reg gas. I've been pretty easy on the car but have mad a few spirited accelerations (never reved it up and dumped the clutch though) and haven't noticed any lag. Have to keep in mind that I am used to my 02 with stock gears so that car really didn't start moving till late in the RPM. This car also has the 3.73 gears.
  12. I assume the strut tower brace is stock?

    I wonder if CDC took that into consideration when they designed their shaker system
  13. Yes, it is stock.
  14. Yeah, they are nice as hell and congrats on your purchase :nice:

    I fell in love with the one I drove this week. At first I thought it was too civilized and slow but when I gave it WOT it transformed into a whole different animal. It just lept foreward :nice:
    It was equiped identical to yours too. I really like how the "MUSTANG" lights up on the door sills. And that mirror/camera is cool as hell!
  15. black2010, Congrats on your new ride!

    Do let us know (and it will be a little while) how the oil/filter change goes with the 2010 the S197 it's a snap, but I understand that there is now some kind of the panel/shield which covers up the oil filter area. Just curious how hard it will be to remove this panel/shield in order to change out the oil filter. Of course, nothing is worse than changing the oil in my '01 Vette...but the Stangs have always been fairly easy to do.
  16. ROFL!!! Those are fun (father in law has an 01). My 85 and 81 vettes are a snap as is the 02 mustang. You want to have fun with a filter try the H3 alpha!!! I dread that everytime the wife comes home and says she just hit another 3K (I know we can go 5K with synthetic but I just feel better at 3K :) ) That thing is under a solid skid plate and tucked into a little whole in the oil pan. Talk about a mess....
  17. black2010, you're right, my '94 Vette was a breeze to change the oil...but now that I'm up to 18K miles on the '01 it looks like I'm going to have to replace the runflats and that's going to be expensive. And I'm only replacing the oil in that '01 once a year (Mobil One) and I'm only changing it once a year.
    The H3 oil change does sound like a son has VW GTI and I have to remove a small splash shield (4 screws) everytime I change the oil in his car (he had better learn to do it soon).

    Enjoy your baby and do let the forum know how it goes with your first oil change.:)

  18. Black2010: Can you verify that the quarter windows are the same as the 05-09?
  19. Wow that's a great looking stang congrats on the purchase.

    I never truly feel in love with the 05-09 series, but the 2010 does it for me.

    The big question, how does it drive?
  20. Hell yeah, thank god they changed it. I honestly didn't like them at all. This one is sooo much more mean looking and classy. I'm thinking 2012 Mustang for my self graduation present...