Got the Painted Valve Covers On..Couple of Pics

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 94GTLaserRC, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. Thanks to Jose for giving me a hand! :nice:

    More importantly than the "look" is that so far, dont feel any oil around the back rim where the covers rest on the heads. Still have to wait and see if there is any more leaking from anywhere takes a couple of days for all the residual dripping oil to finish dripping.

    I will preface by saying my own opinion. I dont think they really look BETTER than the chrome, but they look better than the black, and at least for now it is clean and not leaking.

    Here's a couple of pics.


    Here is one with Jose and Pete (NoranRaad or "vette boy" as Joe calls him)

    Here is one with Pete's car. He is pushing about 400+ to the an Auto.

    Thanks again for the help.
  2. The red covers don't do nothing for me. Did Vette boy work at all?
  3. i wanna do that as well Rob, i wanted to paint em with the duplicolor touch up paint for laser red...but idk if that will hold up on the valve covers....and with all the problems you guys have had with the covers leaking it makes me iffy on taking them off....if i do it id be doing my performer black with either chrome or laser red letters at the same time

  4. i like the contrast and the depth it adds but it seems to be a little too much red. But it still does look nice.
  5. We had a good time workin it. Except when you had that small psychotic episode. LOL

    Im going to buy new gaskets, and put RTV all around it like javi told me. I like the look of the chrome covers. I might even do my lower again.
  6. Like I said, it looks far as the color, I am neither

    <marquee direction=right> :notnice: ... :notnice: ... :notnice: </marquee>


    <marquee direction=left> :nice: ... :nice: ... :nice: </marquee>
    as far as the color thing.

    I definitely will take it tho if it means NO LEAKS!!


    Vette boy is off today, tomorrow, and MONDAY!
  7. man rc, i would hate to live in your neighborhood :rolleyes:......i miss the are you guys doing the scroll smilies? lol


  8. Isent there always a small Psychotic episode when ever any of us do work on our cars :shrug:

    I like the red covers, I wouldnet mind doing that to mine as well but as of now they dont leak so Its not worth taking them off IMO to paint them and then have them leak all over the place on me.
  9. <marquee>Rob snapped?</marquee>
  10. yeah i think it looks good too... and nomore leaking :banana:

    i think im gonna be paiting mine blue to match the interior look im going for..
  11. I like the painted valve covers.

    How do you get the icons to run across the reply like that??????
  12. Yeah I thought RC was going to kill us for a sec. :banana: :banana: but it all worked out. Nice pics & I can't believe you finally put me in one. WE gotta do it again soon had alot of fun. Can't wait until we do Towers with all working vehicles. :hail2:
  13. 94GTlaserRC, I was wondering where you got your pwr/st and idler pulleys they look sweet? thanks.
  14. RC, don't know if they look better than the chrome ones, but they look great! Plus, we don't have to squint as much anymore. :lol:
  15. From Wazee1 on Ebay...All of us here that have them got them from Wazee1

  16. <marquee direction=left> the engine is gettin better by the day :nice: </marquee>