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  1. If you sat in it .... gives us some indication on how the bolstering felt ?? Do you sit in the seats or on them ?
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  11. Both myself and my wife noticed the seats do look like the old Fox body seats. I saw them in the color I call "porno red" like I have my 89 hatch painted and colored in the interior. When I got the car all I cared about was the motor and tranny and hated the color. I even thought about painting it black. But hey Porno Red sounds much better. When I saw the new 05 coming out with the same color I quickly loved it and am anticipating the order of a new Porno Red Mustang.

  12. Is the new 05 Mustang accessible to anyone to be able to sit in it, or is it in a "look only" display? I want to go to the LA auto show, but only if I can actually sit inside the car.
  13. Back seats

    I did not actually GET In to the back seat, but they looked like they were MUCH more roomy than the current ones. THe buckets in teh rear were deeper into the floor, and the room behind the front seats seemed better. I am about to have kids in the next year, and I am still going to buy one based on what I saw at the show of the rear seat room.
  14. Bolstering

    The side bolsters were great, but the lowers seemed a bit small. You sink in the seats alright, but they seem a bit shallow? I would have to drive the car to see how they feel then, I was just so amazed that I could get behind the display on press days and sit in it, I did not pay a lot of attention to all teh details, just that the seating package felt MUCH more roomy, and the materials in the interior were AWESOME
  15. display

    I was at the Media preview for the Detroit show, and the car will NOT be open for the mass public show. The car is on the same turntable that the concept was on. :( LA show might be different though.

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  17. wow. that's all I can say

    and if I didn't hate front license plates I would put one of those "Made in Detroit just for burnouts" plates on the front of it. too bad I won't :)
  18. That's a nice tagline for a license plate frame, though.... argh... damn you Ford for making the project car vs. new Mustang debate in my head so much harder. No wait.. thank you Ford.
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