Gotta Ask Why Some People Are Tools

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  1. So I make this deal for a set of used Ebrock heads with rockers and pushrods for $800. I keep asking the guy when can I come over to get them. Each time it's in a few days. I have about a dozen emails back and forth. Supposed to get them last weekend but he couldn't. Then it was this weekend.

    He emails me tonight he sold the car with the heads.

    Don't get why people like to waste your time and not honor their word.

    So, now I am back to looking for some heads, rockers, and pushrods. Already bought pretty much everything else. Good thing I didn't tear down my motor as we were going to swap out the rockers and pushrods.

    /rant off

    Time for a few jack n' cokes
  2. Damn that sucks, hope my thursday 363 dart block goes well :confused:
  3. There should be an honor meter that hangs over peoples head like a halo :redx:
  4. peoples are dumb and stressful, bipolar some time. go strip club and get a load off or something lol
  5. People aren't being held responsible for their spoken word anymore. The anonymity of the internet has bred a population of limp wristed pansies intent on hiding behind what image they want people to see of themselves.

    Or maybe I'm intent on doing things the old way?
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  6. The very least he could have done was told you he had a sale pending with the car. It was a douche move on his part for certain, but at the same on his part that he was able to hang onto two potential buyers, instead of banking on just one.
  7. I agree that you should honor what you say. That's what I try to hold up on unless something really does go south.
  8. It just burns my chaps the way he handled it. Talked on the phone a few times. Offered to give him $100 to hold the parts. Kept telling me, no we are good. Last conversation on Saturday was he we are going to meet this weekend, he gives me his top end, I give him my rockers and pushrods. The jerk was full of it and like Brian said, was just covering his butt.

    Oh well, I wanted TFS 17o's anyway. Will keep looking for a set.

    I still think I'll get my top end done before Mike gets his V3 installed. lol
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  10. There are a few people around ATL who are selling some 170's on craigslist. I know you are in FL though.
  11. That does suc... i bet when he got thinking about all the effort to swap em out he said to heck with it ....

    i thought mike was pretty much done...
  12. thanks with shipping it would kill a deal unless they are giving them away
  13. The flip side of the coin is that his heads may have had some serious defect that wouldn't show up until they were put into service. He sounds like the kind of guy that would hide something like that from you. You still have your money and can go look for a reputable seller.