Gotta Be The Most Antisocial Mustang Site Going

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by rockyracoon, Sep 21, 2013.

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  1. This site amazes me, I mean I don't even know why I waste my time posting threads cause most of the time no one answers and its not even like I ask dumb noob questions. Is it just a click thing ? im done.
  2. You posted a thread
    So it was a Friday night, usually pretty slow here on Friday night. Give it some time.

    Moved over to TALK section, BTW.
  3. I'm new to here. Haven't started but one new thread. I got response fairly quick and they were indeed helpful.
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  4. How would one even reply to a thread like this:
    Maybe, "Cool?" You're not asking for help, you're just saying you want to pull the motor without pulling the tranny. Ok.

    This thread was started only an hour ago on a saturday night, which is not our most active:
    The answer depends on how much power you're making. Losing that kind of compression is probably going to result in a signifcant power loss in that cylinder. So take 1/8th of your power, and take about 16% from it, and that would be my guess at how much power you're losing.

    Back to the pessimism in this thread, you had responses to your last threads back in May and June. Sorry you don't like the site.
  5. were all here with lots of experience and willing to help out where we can, but sometimes it takes a few days to get the info you need. You did search right?
  6. made all of 11-threads since January....most of which have been answered and even gone to length. Exactly how much attention would you like us to pay you?

    Patience man.
  7. HAHAHAHA..... NOW it's a staff party.

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  8. Red Solo cups?

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  9. And who says we're not social? :banana:
  10. great, now we got the most social thread going in the most antisocial site. I want a cookie
  11. I didn't read this.
  12. Is this thing on?
  13. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out :nice:
  14. Oh so a thread "titled engine pulling preference" doesn't give the reader the idea that someone would like other points of view.
    Either way.

    Please don't take my frustration as being disrespectful but I have seen many threads (not just mine) gone un answered or IMHO under answered .

    I mean just because my post count is not that high I have been a member of the site since 2005 and ,all due respect but I think I am somewhat entitled to my opinion but no denying I did get a heck of response in regards to this thread.
  15. Oh GFYS
  16. And either way who are you to say that ? my opinion is my opinion. There was nothing constructive in your reply but thats to be expected from someone like you
  17. My suggestion would be to answer them then.

    I'll say it like this... When viewed from the top down (the whole forum and not just one or two sub-forms) I see it time and again. You can only get out of this forum what you put into it. So when you say you see unanswered threads well... Did you read them? If so, why did you not respond to them? Even if you didn't know the answer, then even a little research or moral support goes a long way sometimes.

    For a tech specific forum to be active then folks have to participate. Maybe the portion of the forum you view the most is not as active as some of the others.

    Here's an opportunity for you to try and change that.
  18. I have always tried to impart the small amount of knowledge that I possess in response to other peoples threads, especially if there is little or no response.
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