Gt40 Head Swap Question

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  1. I'm lookin at gt40 iron heads, (not p's) and I was wondering what would carry over from my e7 heads? Could I reuse my rockers, the are fairly new, and what about the stock headers and the whole 95 egr setup would they work? I'd like to run my stock ho intake and ported lower for at least a little while would that work for me or do you have to have a gt40 or aftermarket intake in order fot it to bolt up? One more question, would the springs from the e7 work on the gt40? I have beehive springs and my cam is rated to .512 lift and the seller of the gt40 says their springs are only rated to .510. If there is anything else that I missed that I will need please inform. I'm looking for a set of heads that I can bolt on and run with minimal changes needed.


  2. So none of the 19 viewers know the answer? Guess they were hoping n wishin to do the same swap
  3. I did my swap to GT40p's from an explorer, the springs were rated for something like 400-450lift.

    I had purchased 600 lift springs previously and had them on my ported e7's. I moved them over with my ford e-cam.

    I honestly don't think .510 to .512 is going to make those stock springs fail, way too close.

    If you were run 540+ lift then I would upgrade. I would say you will be ok.
  4. Lift numbers are a joke....ask what the seat pressure and installed height of the springs.

    Everything else will swap right over. All though the gt40 iron heads use specific retainers on the intake and exh that are different then the e7 stuff.

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  5. thanks man good advice