Engine Gt40p Hci Swap Question

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  1. So... about 4 years ago I started a HCI GT40p swap on my 91 GT. That was probably about the last time I posted here. Well, I am back ! In the past 4 years Ive lost a lot of the Mustang knowledge I used to posess so Im looking for some advice.

    1: Ive used the NON-EGR GT40P heads along with an Edelbrock performer 5.0 (with EGR) . Do I need to use the EGR block off plate? Dummy postion sensor?

    2: Ive got a box of bolts, and need to fasten the timing cover. Not quite sure what goes where after all this time?

    3: any tips for dropping the tank (cleaning it out) and replaceing the fuel pump in my crappy rock driveway? Should I just get another tank and set it up?

    Thanks in advance for all the help and I look forward to getting back into the game!
  2. The tank if it was empty I'd bother cleaning it but if had any gas in it I wouldn't bother because it probably got a nasty coating on the tank that will just be like hell to try and clean inside of there the tanks are cheap I just bought one with a new filler neck seal and sending unit for I think 160-180
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  3. What GT-40P heads do not have the EGR provisions in them? As far as I know, they all do???

    The set I do has them.
  4. The Explorer upper/lower I have has no EGR at all. The heads had no AIR ports on the back. If I go with the Performer 5.0 (which I also have), it has EGR but Im not sure it will be functional.
  5. The Air Thermactor ports are not part of the EGR system at all. Those are to simply pump air from the smog pump into the heads during warmup to allow the converters to function properly.

    Look at the intake ports on each head. In the very center of the head is a small port that is probably carbon encrusted. This is your EGR passage. If you put an intake on it with a functional EGR passageway, it will work as intended.

    Not having the thermactor ports installed is not a huge deal and wont affect EGR function
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  7. Holy hell... I knew that. Just getting my sh*t straight after so many years. Im surprised to see you still here MUSTANG5L5 and i still remember your tagline "in da butt" and that pretty girl on your avatar!
  8. i bought a new tank and fuel sending unit from cheapbodyparts for around 100. I vote new tank .