Gt40p Headers

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  1. Will Mac equal length shorty headers work on GT40P heads with out burning spark plug wires or having remove the headers for a tune up?
  2. On my dads drag car we used Flowtech equal length long tubes (not supposed to work with GT40P's) and he just bought 90 plug wires and they're fine. You could always try that
  3. Equal length are not worth the trouble, no matter how you slice it IMO.
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  4. Mac equals work fine. I ran them for years on p heads. Jyst need open head wrench to adjust the bolts, and use some locking bolts or red loctite
  6. I've heard they rub of the sub frame, Is that true?
  7. My BBK equal lengths suck hard. I have to shim the driver's side engine mount up ~1/2" to keep the header from resting on the steering shaft. Spark plug changes are exponentially more difficult than they need to be. The Macs might be better, I don't know, but I'll never do an equal length shorty header again.
  8. On my 95 5.0 5 speed I'm running bbk longtubes and they couldn't fit better. No spark wire problems here
  9. Long tube equal length??
  10. Yeap. I mean I could run 90* boots if I wanted for alittle extra wiggle room but I dont