GT500 wheels on a GT

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  1. I'm sure this question has been asked, but what are the offset differences between a 2013 gt and a GT500 (no specific year)?

    my other question is how much are stock GT500 wheels selling for? I couldn't find any on eBay except for a set without tires for $5k...which seems like a joke to me...

    How much are GT Brembo wheels selling for?

    I really like the look of the chrome 2011 GT500 wheels and was exploring the possibility of putting them on my 13 GT Brembo.

    thanks guys
  2. Wheels should fit with no issues. That price is absurd. You can by Alcoa for cheaper than that. Not sure what reasonable price would be. Check out classifieds on Team Shelby or SVT Performance.
  3. The Brembo's on the GT's are from the GT500's, if I remember correctly...the big difference between GT and GT500 wheels is finish, diameter and width; although in later years the gap has narrowed between the two.

    People/Sellers try and kill you on prices for "Shelby" and "GT500" stuff because of the name associated with them. You can definately find them cheaper OEM, and aftermarket "clones" are also a secondary option.
  4. [​IMG]

    these are the wheels that inspired my thinking...
  5. Those are the Alcoa's...nice choice:nice:
  6. The pic doesn't show up on my screen, but if earleys94gt is correct, and you're looking at Alcoas, then that $5k price doesn't surprise me. Those are a limited production wheel that people pay STUPID money for... You can't buy them now; they were originally made for the Super Snake package. People made such a racket that this past winter Shelby American commissioned some more to be made, but again, only in limited quantities (these had some sort of 50th anniversary logo on them). They sold out quickly, with some people buying multiple sets so they could flip them on ebay for big money.

    There's lots of other good options out there, and some companies are starting to make similar designs. Alcoas are nice, but way over priced in my book, and are quickly becoming the belly-button wheel on late model Shelbys.
  7. Am I the only one that looks at those Alcoas and thinks "oh, someone chromed out their Brembo wheels?" *shrug* not all that impressed.
  8. I will assume the main advantage to the Alcoas are a low weight, and yes Shabz they do look like chromed Brembos, but unless you are a serious road racer or just want something different, I'd be inclined to find a cheaper choice.
  9. They look so ****in boss tho!!
  10. Oh I do not disagree, they do look really good.

    I guess I am more pessimistic in my outlook, when I see brake dust, road grime and possibly curbs in a wheels future.

    It is your money and if you are dead set on the wheels, then by all means go ahead and enjoy!