Guess My H P !!! - The Dyno & 1/4 Mile Time Thread

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  1. UPDATE - FastDriver (26AUG13):

    After some recent interest in the forums, this thread is again active. Please feel free to add your own dyno, timeslip, and mods. The more details you can provide, the better. Posts without documentation will eventually be deleted. This thread exists to give people a reference on how parts and various combinations perform on the dyno and the track. At a minimum, please post the following: Heads/Cam/Intake, Displacement, Power Adder (if appropriate), and the power/torque or ET/mph in text as well as supporting documentation. Posts without this information will be removed.



    I've put this out there a couple of times but so far, no-one has sent me anything to get is started. I found this in a tech thread and thought it would be a great opportunity to get our dyno thread started. So here it is folks. Send me your submissions and I'll do my best to keep them cataloged by HP rating.

    So far Ive put down 220rwhp and 284rwtq. That was with the following parts.

    -Stock 302
    -MAC O/R H Pipe
    -Flowmaster 2 Chamber CatBack
    -FRP Aluminum Driveshaft
    -MSD Cap/Rotor
    -Timing at 12*
    -super dirty panel filter (not K&N)

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  2. Speeds8erM-1

    88 GT, 5 Speed

    Stock Longblock
    Explorer Intake
    93 Cobra Cam
    1.7 Roller Rockers
    Hooker Shorty Headers
    BBK Offroad H Pipe
    Flowmaster Catback
    SN95 Electric Fan
    Bypassed Smog
    Pro M 75mm MAF
    A9L Computer
    FMS Aluminum DS
    K&N Cone Filter
    Stock Pulleys
    Stock TB

    240 rwhp/289 rwtq


    That was on a Dynojet 248C, SAE Corrected
  3. Dean85GT

    Wiseco forged pistons
    TFS stage 1 cam
    Holley 650cfm DB carb
    Weiand stealth manifold
    No smog
    Stock E5s with thermactors removed
    Stock headers
    UPR offroad X
    stock 2.25" crimp bent tailpipes.
    Flowmaster 40s.

    It is running great, and tuned correctly on the dyno. The car was dynoed at the shop that build the motor. This dyno is a MUSTANG DYNO which is why the numbers read alot lower. The guys told me that this specific dyno has about a 30% drivetrain loss and that the motor makes approx 270hp and 330tq at the flywheel.

    Car runs 13.4 at 101mph

    heres the image code

    Mustang Dyno:
    188 rwhp
    228 rwtq
  4. eric88gt

    1988 gt 5 speed
    306, cheap rebuild with forged trw's.
    afr 165's
    cobra intake w/home ported lower
    70mm professional products tb
    fms b303 advanced 2 degrees
    steeda 1.72 adjustable pedestal roller rockers
    flowtech 1 5/8 long tubs and flowtech x pipe
    spintech pro-streets dumped
    kirban afpr set at 43, timing at 14
    stock injectors, fuel pump and still speed density <-=] Booyah! That's what I'm talkin about!~Daggs
    294rwhp and 327 rwtq

    runs 12.50's at about 110 with 3.55's

  5. DMAN302

    Eddy RPM's (1.9/1.6) ported exhaust side
    Comp XE270HR-12
    Scorpion 1.6rr's
    Box stock Typhoon
    Pro-M bullet
    24 pounders
    All the bolt-ons including taurus fan
    Mac LT's, Hpipe, Flows
    Dyno from Aug this yr.......317/344

  6. Dark_5.0

    made one dyno pull straight off the trailor just to get an idea of how much HP I was making (301rwhp/330 lbs-ft).

    1990 Mustang coupe 3000 lbs with driver

    Canfield Aluminum heads
    Ported Cobra intake/ 65mm TB
    E303 cam
    BBK equal length headers
    BBK 2 1/2 H pipe/ dumps
    Underdrive pulleys

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  7. WilwoodFiveO

    Stock 302
    Mac Long tubes 1 5/8"
    Mac-prochamber 2.5"
    Magnaflow Stainless steel cat-back 2.5"
    Boat load of suspension mods

    219 RWHP 287 RWTQ

    View attachment 412879
  8. 25thmustang

    Stock Shortblock
    Stock HO Cam
    GT40 Valves and a valve job
    1.7 Roller Rockers
    Cobra Intake
    65mm TB
    Pro M 75mm MAF
    Mac LT Headers
    VRS O/R X pipe
    Spintech Catback
    AFPR, Pulleys
    FMS Aluminum DS
    Stock suspension

    272 rwhp/ 316 rwtq

  9. Just a reminder to those guys that wanted to submit time-slips for this thread:

    I'll need a complete list of your mods (including suspension) as well as a scanned image of your timeslip PM'd to me for submission.

    When I get the first one, I'll change the title of this thread to include 1/4 mile times.

  10. The_Mustang

    1995 GT -
    Vortech V-1 S trim
    AFM Power Pipe
    Vortech Race Bypass
    Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
    Aeromotive AFPR
    MSD Ignition
    Edelbrock Perf. Intake
    King Cobra Clutch
    Flowmasters, O/R H pipe, Heddman Shorties
    Adj. clutch cable kit/quad/FWA,
    Fox T-Body swap.
    Dyno'd 423 HP/424 TQ

  11. 93tealstang

    Tom Moss ported stock lower intake
    Fox Lake ported stock upper intake
    65mm Ford Throttle Body
    K/N Air Filter

    BBK Shorty Headers
    Custom X-pipe with SN-95 Converts
    Flowmaster 40's w/ 2.5 inch tails

    Made 212rwhp and 275rwtq with just those mods and all else stock.

    D Dyno[2].jpg ynograph:
  12. jhonda

    91 mustang lx 5.0
    Timing 15 degrees 93octane
    Magnaflow catback
    k&n panel filter
    removed air silencer
    196rwhp/ 265lbs-ft

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  13. ebk06

    87 LX 5.0
    Longtube headers (not sure of brand)
    Moroso CAI
    Mac Off-road H-pipe
    Mac Pro-Dumps
    MSD Blaster Coil
    FRPP 9mm wires
    FRPP Cap and rotor
    18* timing
    Smog pump delete

  14. jhonda
    second dyno was all of the above plus ford underdrive pulleys, offroad x pipe, and c&l 76mm maf with tube.

  15. BigHairyMonkey
    Stock 302 Block w/ stock internals 156,000 miles
    - Stock E7 Heads
    - Stock Cam
    - Stock Upper/Lower Intake
    - MAC CAI
    - Pro-M 75mm MAF
    - BBK Shorties
    - BBK O/R H-Pipe
    - Pypes Violator SS Catback w/ 40 Series Flows welded in
    - SHO Taurus E-fan
    - Kirban AFPR
  16. Cenok is Family

    rebuilt 308ci
    Ross forged pistons
    cobra intake
    Thumper ported e7's with 1.94/1.6's
    AFM n-412 cam
    65mm tb
    75mm pro-m maf
    1.6 rr's
    u/d pullies
    24# injectors
    hedman longtubes
    2.5" o/r H pipe
    spintech prostreet mufflers
    MSD 6al
    adj fuel press reg
    255lph fp
    alum d/s
    K&N panel filter

    256.09rwhp 285.15rwtq with a 10.3:1 a/f

  17. 1991notchbackLX

    Jay Allen custom cam, Twisted Wedge Heads (milled to 58cc, Ferrea 6000 series valves, full competition bowl blend), TFS Track Heat Intake Manifold, Comp Cams 1.6 RRs and timing chain, 76mm C&L MAF, 70mm BBK TB, 24lb injectors, 255lph Walbro, Kirban AFPR, 3:73s, BBK CAI, BBK UD pullies, 3G alt, MM full-length SFCs, BBK Thermo-Tec wrapped LTs, Prochamber, Spintech Prostreets, MGW, '04 Cobra Seats

    306HP and 311TQ on a mustang dyno

  18. I thought this would be a good way for people to see real numbers with real mods.
    ie: those heads/intake/gears with this cam or whatever variable.

    280rwhp - 320rwtrq

    Cid: 302, 5-spd, 3:55 gears
    Cobra intake: upper/lower fully ported
    Gt40p heads: fully ported/milled .030
    Trans: T5 with king cobra clutch
    Injectors: 19lbs
    FRPP 1.6 rollers
    FRPP 65mm throttle body
    Pro-M 73mm
    255lph fuel pump
    Chip tune
    Ignition: stock distributor with msd coil
    Base timing @ 12* (was at 10* for dyno pull)
    Electric fan
    Crank/Water under drive pulleys
    P headers and off road H-pipe - no cats
    with A/C - P/S
    Driver Characteristics : Excellent DD

    IMG_3788 - Copy.JPG
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  20. Dyno.JPG Old combo:
    Stock bottom end
    Ported Cobra
    Iron GT40's
    TFS1 with 1.77rr
    Shorty 1 5/8 headers
    Clutch fan, stock air box with stock inlet

    268/304 at rear wheels.

    No #'s for new combo yet.

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