Guess My H P !!! - The Dyno & 1/4 Mile Time Thread

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  1. Stock bottom end, 1986 flat-top piston 302
    TEA-prepped Twisted Wedge 205s
    9.8:1 Compression
    Custom Cam- I/E: 215/224 @.050, .568/.566 W/1.6 Rocker, 112 LSA
    TFS-R long runner intake, lower CNC port matched to the heads
    90mm Accufab throttle body, 97mm Abaco MAF meter
    1.625" BBK shorties and 2.5" Flowmaster exhaust... Bleh.
    336.34 HP and 323.99 ft-lbs

  2. Guys, as this is a particular point of interest at the moment, I'll sticky it again to the top of the forum, but it will eventually be unstickied again when things die down. It can always be found in the common questions thread that Nik put together for our forum, which is and always will be a sticky.

    Also, we'll keep cleaning this thing up. It's not a thread for lots of dialogue. So, post up documents (timeslips, dyno graphs) and a list of mods or other pertinent information. Other posts will eventually be removed.
  3. Mine:
    Dart IE Block
    .030" overbore, 3.250" Bryant Crank (331 c.i.) CP Custom Pistons (8.5:1)
    AFR 205 heads
    TFS-R w/ Box upper intake
    75mm Throttle Body (a mistake due to the HP kit's outlet size)
    Cam: HR 228/[email protected], 114LSA, .604/.573" lift
    Probe Shaft-mount 1.6 roller rockers
    GT4276R with intercooler using an HP kit with 3.5" downpipe and 3" duals through Ultraflows and dumped
    Baseline: 362rwhp & 329 lb-ft (very lean and breathing through turbo exhaust piping)
    15psi: 763rwhp & 687 lb-ft

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  4. 333 Stroker, Probe SRS 4cc flattop pistons, 10.7:1 comp., AFR 185 58cc Heads, BBK longtubes, BBK shorty off road H-pipe, Mac catback, Comp NX274HR Cus grind Cam, .550/.570, 70mm Accufab, 75mm PMAS Bullit, 30lb inj, SCTII tune, 4 Bank Eliminator piggyback chip
    364rwhp/385rwt after correction ........380rwhp/ 402lbs-ft (uncorrected)
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  5. 347 stroker
    8.5:1 compression
    ross pistons dished to -22 cc
    heads milled to 54cc iirc
    edelbrock 185 heads (three angle valve job)
    tfs1 cam
    holley upper and lower intake
    bassani stepped heads 1 5/8" to 1 3/4"
    pro m 80 mm maf
    42 lb injectors

    this is n engine dyno which had a bad msd box but its somewhat accurate


    Didnt have a pic of when it had a new msd box but it made 410 fwhp and 390 fwtq sorry.
  6. Nothing fancy about my combo:

    Stock 302 bottom end
    DIY ported E7TE heads
    Stock cam + Crane 1.7 roller rockers

    C&L 76mm CAI/MAF kit
    Summit Racing 75mm throttle body
    Edelbrock Performer intake

    MAC 1-5/8" LT headers
    Custom decatted 2.5" shorty H-pipe
    El Cheapo straight-through mufflers + stock tailpipes

    Smog/EGR/AC delete
    ASP underdrive crank pulley
    Stock 19lb injectors
    BBK AFPR set at 45psi
    Walbro 190lph fuel pump

    Stock AODE + stock converter
    Transgo HD2 shift kit
    FRPP aluminium driveshaft
    FRPP 3.73 axle gears

    243.5rwhp @ 5150rpm
    284.2rwtq @ 3950rpm

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  7. This is from my last engine, but it should be pretty accurate for the new one.

    Stock 2 bolt block
    Canfield 192cc head
    Systemax 2 intake
    Trick Flow 3 camshaft
    Dry nitrous system with a .057" jet.

    I never got a chance to run this setup at the track, so unfortunately I don't have any 1/4 mile times for it.
    HP = 489 TQ = 635


  8. Fresh "cookie cutter" combo: No track numbers "Yet"
    Stock bottom end with 128k
    Holley Systemax intake with 1/2" phenolic spacer and FRPP 65mm TB.
    19lb injectors, 70mm MAF.
    Edelbrock Performer RPM heads with 1.6rr's.
    Trick Flow stage 1 cam.
    MSD Distributor and coil, FRPP wires.
    Flex-a-lite Extreme 185 fan.
    March Perf Underdrive pulleys.
    March Perf Ram Air kit.
    Kirban Adjustable fp regulator
    FRPP ceramic coated headers.
    Bassani Catted X. "Offroad X coming soon"
    Flowmaster 2 chamber exhaust.
    FRPP aluminum driveshaft
    EGR and all other smog items removed.
    Tuned with SCT chip= 285rwhp/314rwtq.
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  9. IMG_20130908_183645_117.jpg IMG_20130908_183628_646.jpg [email protected] on a 100 shot, [email protected] N/A
    306, 9.5:1, performer RPM, 650 Demon, Trick Flow TW heads out of the box, shortie 1 5/8 headers, no cats, T5, 3.73, 255 drag radials, single adj shocks, coil over fronts, Trick Flow Stage 1 cam, Flowmaster exhaust out the back. More details in profile
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  10. 93 Coupe with a transplanted and rebuilt 88 TC engine.

    .020 over block, stock crank, Crower rods, CP pistons, BoPort stg 1 head with 2.1 cam, 40Bob log, HX35, ported/rotated upper intake, ported lower, FMIC, PiMP ECU, 72lb injectors.

    Put down 305hp/310tq on Cincy Speeds dyno.

    Best time so far was 13.1 @ 110mph. There's more in it, just need more seat time.

    Here's my timeslip, gotta dig up my dyno sheet.

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  11. Carl, do you have any dynos or timeslips? That's part of the deal in this thread.

    And BTW, I'd say with that trap speed, there's a ton more in it!
  12. 85 roller block
    347 scat rotating kit
    Tfs stage 1
    Gt40p ported
    Edelbrock rpm intake
    650 holley
    Mac long tubes
    Mac prochamber x pipe
    Mac mufflers
    3.73s 20131022_220733.jpg
  13. With :poo: kumho 245 street tires and 2.1 60 ft.
  14. Get some slicks and maybe some susp work. You might be able to bust an 11. Good job
  15. image.jpg Flat top pistons w reliefs, e7's w beehive springs, comp cam .512 lift in/ex, ported lower intake w stock ho upper, cai, pre cats removed from stock h-pipe, forsaflow mufflers.
  16. scan0001.jpg 1989 GT
    Stock 302 bottom end
    Port/Polish GT 40 Upper and Lower
    GT40P heads w/ Comp Springs
    Anderson N41
    24lb injectors
    Walboro 255
    FMS shorty headers
    65mm TB w/ BBK CAI
    4.10 gear
    8.41 @ 86.4 mph - 1/8th

    Stock bottomend
    Port/Polish GT 40 Upper and Lower
    3 Angle GT40P's w/ comp springs
    24lb injectors
    75mm Pro Products TB
    76mm C&L inlet tube and mass air
    MSD coil
    MSD distributor
    4.10 gear
    rebuilt world class T-5
    (resently moved so havent dyno'd or tracked car.
  17. The hand written number was my A/F Ratio during the pull.
  18. Same engine combo as my above post but with the addition of a Novi 1000 and methanol injection, offroad H pipe. 60lb injectors, 80mmMAF. Pulley-ed for and seeing 13lbs of boost.
    Before you comment about the shakey lines? I did ask my tuner about that and he said it was because of my "out of balance, old potato chip" back tires trying to shake my car off his dyno. LOL
    I got new drag radials yesterday.
  19. Old motor...

    Factory 302.
    Eldebrock estreets
    F cam
    24lb injectors
    65mm tb
    Explorer intake
    Catted x pipe with American thunder catback
    Converted to maf
    Cold air intake

    285 hp corrected
    298 trq corrected
    Mustang Dyno.

    Made 397 on 125 shot. I don't have that Dyno.

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  20. Not sure if videos are ok here.

    My 12.53 pass. To describe what you see, we were running in an 11.50 dial in class at Etown. You'll see me pull up and then back up a bit. My traction loc was worn and this is an old racers trick. Whether it works or not, I couldn't tell you, but the pass I didn't do this I pulled a 2.0 60'.