Guys who went from 2.73s to 4.10s, lets hear your opinions

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  1. Well winter is here, and Saturday in Northeast Ohio calls for anywhere from a Foot to 18 inches of snow "yippie". Needless to say im gonna have some time to work on the stang. Its getting a major makeover during the winter. Im getting cobra rear bumper with 3 inch chrome tips, cobra r svo hood, and a cervinis front end. Performance wise on my 88 AOD, im putting in a Transgo Shift kit, with a Ford Racing Aluminum Driveshaft. Im hoping for 4.10s for Christmas. Its got crappy 2.73s on right now, and i just wanted to know how huge of a difference it was for you guys who mad the big jump from 2.73s to 4.10s. Tell me how much did it wake your car up, i need some reassurance, i cant wait till spring only 4 months away "haha"
  2. i havnt made the 2.73 to 4.10 jump, but i did make the 2.73 to 3.73 jump in a manual and it was awsome, the best mod i ever did. It is a whole new car. You will love it in your car. Gears is the best mod you can do for your car for the buck. Those 4.10's and that shift kit, that car will dip.
  3. Awesome!! Im so pumped up to get some gears. I drove it all summer with 2.73s and thought that was awesome, cant wait to get 4.10s
  4. Most of the guys i see, with an AOD do three things to beat the sticks. #1 is gears, #2 STALL CONVERTER (2400-2800RPMS) and last is the shift-kit. Do all 3 and your AOD will be able to keep up with those 5.0 sticks. GOOD LUCK!
  5. Did 3.08 to 4.10's this summer on my T5 car. Feels good, I just need more power. I was hoping for some traction issues, but nothing... I still can't spin my tires.
  6. Feels like 50hp increase.... went from running low 15's high 14's to 14.2-14.4's all day on street tires.
  7. Everyone's combo is different... I gained absolutely nothing when I made the swap. I did make gains on my sixty foots with slicks though...

  8. Yeah i to went from 273 to 373 with a T-5 and wow!The best bolt-on in my opinion.
  9. I have 3.73's in my T-5 with subframes and it has no traction in first and alot of second gear. Something doesnt sound right :shrug: My car only has exhaust and pulleys.
  10. 88poslx you went to 4:10's and still can't spin the tires? wtf is wrong there. t5 with 4:10's no spinnage. my 2:73's would spin all day long on my 89gt and now i've got 4:56's and i'm just starting on suspension and I know I'm gonna have some sticky issues
  11. mycar used to be an automatic with 2.73s (i know your pain); the car needs to go faster. my aod was toast with 185,000 miles. i did the t-5 swap and it was sweet!! next came a stroker still with 2.73s, it remained like this for a while, then came the gears (3.73S)...OH YEAH!! when shifting gears the car lunges forward with authority. one of my favorite things to do is watch the passenger get tossed around by the brute torque of a V8 with gears. any way i would definetly say at least 4.11s to get her moving. you will notice a big difference, maybe 4.56s depending on your higway usage. this is one of my very highly recomended first mods. if you haven't done a gear swap bfore take it some where so the gears aren't misaligned and ruined.
  12. I went from 3.08's to 4.10's with my 5spd. A little to much gear for my stock motor at the track, 3.90's would have been perfect. 5800rpm through the traps is to much. My solution is my winter engine buildup. They're perfect on the street since I don't commute with it. Not sure about the guy who can't smoke'm. My sticky street tires are toast in 2nd with a tired stock motor. Same on slicks. I do have headers, 1.7RR's, upper & lower contol arms, subs, an Auburn, & new quads.
  13. i had 4.10's in my 82 and i was at a stop light and my friend was picking up something off the floor, i rolled off the line and punched it in first and she flew back in her seat and got all mad! lol i was only running high 13's but it felt faster with those gears.
  14. haha, my jump went from smoking first and bogging second to trying to keep the car on the road in third. Real fun change.
  15. Me too..... :nice:
  16. well my car was like "weee here we go"
    now it's like "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH"
  17. Went from 2.73 to 4.10. Unbelievably quicker. Probably 2-4 tenths or more with traction. I have actually had both sets of gears in both of my cars. The 4.10 is great for acceleration. However, since I don't have overdrive in either car, I put the 2.73 back in my 79 daily driver. The 4.10 car, the 82 Mustang GL, gets driven 5-10 miles at a time at most, and on and off the trailer. I really can't stand to drive it at 60 mph or faster for more than about 10 minutes. For me, not at all acceptable for everyday. The 79 is getting an aod soon, and I may try gears in it again. The 82 is headed for 4.56's when the 8.8 goes in. The converter also made a hugh difference. One without the other may be a disappointment, but both together will be amazing.
  18. hey, who sells 3.90 gears? i am gonna be running some 305 50's and 3.90 will make it quivalent to 373's or should i just go with 4.10 and have it equivalent to 3.90? it will see little highway use, maybe to the beach and back once a year.


  19. Pro 5.0 sells 3.90 gears.
  20. went from 2:73-4:10's this summer, they FRICKIN RULE

    1-3 = major spinning/sideways chirps 4th with a T-5, mods below