Guys who went from 2.73s to 4.10s, lets hear your opinions

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Kdubslugga, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. I don't get it. Look in my sig... my car isn't fast, but it isn't slow either. I don't know how you guys can roast 2nd gear when I can't even do first.

    So, when rolling you guys can hammer the pedal and smoke the tires in second gear?

  2. pretty much but I'm running street tires NOT the ET Drags you have listed, that may be a differnt ball game, also depends on what RPM your crusing at
  3. If your on any sort of slick or drag radial that is a different ballgame. But yes from a roll in first it just lights em up, and half the time the same in second. But slamming second always roasts the tires hard.
  4. went from 2.73s to 4.10s a few months after I got the car and I love them .

    In 1st gear I don't have alot of traction. In 2nd gear from a 30mph roll I can occasionally break them loose - although this time of year it's alot easier since the streets are cold. With the ET Streets it's nothing but traction in all gears :)
  5. also I see you have deleted your front sway bar and that will allow alot more front suspension travel and better wieght transfer and your battery also, and you don't have subframes so your frame twisting will take some of the torque away and one more thing would be if you have stock motor mounts they could be shot and take away even more initial torque. I checked my motor mounts when I was tearing off my heads and they are ripped out of the rubber.