H&R Supersport Springs 51651-77

Discussion in 'Suspension Parts' started by GDawg, Jun 4, 2010.

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  1. They also list by 51658-77 at H&R for the kit with the bump stop. I'm not including a bump stop. They came off of a '98 GT Vert. 5 years old, less than 30k miles on them.

    Don't ask me if they will fit your car. That decision is up to you.

    I want $150 + shipping from Colorado (80918), I have a box.

    Ford Suspension Applications || H&R Special Springs, LP



  2. PM sent.. lmk, thanks!
  3. Got it. Looks like shipping may only be $30 so I'll let you know tomorrow. Most likely yes I will take your offer.
  4. Yea just let me know. Thanks..
  5. ^ Noob bailed.
  6. Excuse me? NOOB bailed? FYI you shouldn't accuse me of wasting someone's time when you don't include in your post that you except Money Orders only. If you don't want anyone "wasting your precious time," then you should state that you don't take PayPal from the get go. Don't get mad at this buyer that has money to buy the springs. Your fault for not accepting PayPal. Good luck with your sale and good day.
  7. Why don't you state the truth Noob??? I have the whole PM thread. I said "I PREFER" a money order. And the first thing out of your mouth was "I'll pass on the springs" You're the NOOB not me. You're the one to be suspicious of. I DO have PAY PAL but after your quick immature respond I choose to not do business with you. And I will advise others not to either. I doubt that you were serious in any way...
  8. I am very serious about getting suspension for my stang. And if you had any comprehension on what was said, I said I'll pass because I don't trust money order transactions. You never mentioned you have PayPal. If you simply mentioned that you did, it wouldn't have gotten complicated. Now I know what the "G" in GDawg stands for. LOL
    BTW, good luck on the sale of the springs. I still do want 'em, but now I don't trust you to send 'em even after I've paid. LOL :notnice:
  9. Look noob. You failed. I've sold the springs to someone else for more money when you could have got them for less. If you think I'm a rip off, trying doing your research before you act like a fool. Ask Phatt_daddy what a rip off I am when I GAVE him an intake manifold and even paid for his shipping as a nice favor. I gave him the whole thing for free plus I paid shipping so how is that a rip off?


    So since the springs are sold, MODs please close this thread.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.