Fuel hard lines in engine bay

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by MikeH686, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Hey guys looking for the hard lines that go from the fuel rails to the rubber fuel lines that are by the charcoal canister anyone know where i can find them? Other then junk yard?
  2. Usually they are all one piece, the rubber lines are actually plastic.. At least they are factory. The plastic part is the flex so it has movement to deal with vibration from the engine.
  3. Im talking about the feed and return line that go from the body fuel lines and the stock rails they are chrome also if that helps
  4. I should probably just go aftermarket rails and lines lol
  5. scrapyard or put a wanted ad in the classifieds
  6. craigslist
  7. God dam it haha oh well now ill just have to go aftermarket lines an fittings and aftermarket rails oh wellllllll
  8. Always on ebay cheap.
  9. When I bought my car someone had cut the quick connects off of the car side of the lines. They had rubber hose double clamped onto the stiff plastic part of the lines. I cut them back into the fenderwell where they are metal, flared them with a 37 degree flaring tool and added braided from there straight to the rail. I used -an fittings.
  10. I'm amazed that somebody thought that was a safe thing to do to your car. Some people :nonono:

    On second thought, I'm not amazed. This country is full of half-assed morons.
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  11. I swear to god it had 20+ inches of rubber that looped down around the sway bar and back up. I was sure it would burn before I fixed it. It's awesome now. I made nice braided right into the fuel rail. It got rid of that BBK bs that came with the SSI intake too.