Engine Head Gasket Preferences

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  1. what do you guys use?

    I've been using cometics for a while now and since i have to tear down the engine and miss carlisle i'm taking my time and going to do a couple other things while its down. But back to the question at hand, looking for something that will not pop on me with 12#s of boost. not so sure i want to stick with the cometics. they seal on the combustion chamber usually but always seem to seep a bit.
  2. I like the Fel Pro MLS
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  3. do you have any problems with them seeping at all? i've had that problem with the cometic MLS.
  4. If you want something blow proof, get an old school set of copper head gaskets. Summit sells a generic set of copper ones made in America cheap now. There is all kinds of talk about them leaking, but I have used them several times on imports (there simply isn't anything else available for certain cars), and never had one leak. Just put some KW Coppercoat around all the water holes.

  5. The Fel-Pro MLS is my choice as well and I have not had them seap between the layers. Every set of Cometics I use, even though they say do not coat I coat with a Chrylser MLS gasket spray or Copper spray.

    12# of boost should be no issue, Id look to make sure your surfaces are flat and clean and I assume you have nice head studs for a even clamp load. Tq the long studs 10lbs more ;) Something else Ive noticed expecially on 302 factory blocks is the ARP studs can be a little too sharp on the threads and fluid will seap up the threads and leak. I use Right Stuff to seal the studs or bolts in the block over the ARP teflon, and I lightly hit the ARP studs with some emory cloth before installing.
  6. looks like the felpro MLS is what i'm going to get. they are cheaper and two of the guys that i know know what they are doing use them. thanks guys!

    Kurt, i'm not necessarily looking for something blow proof like an o-ring gasket. i didn't want to go that route in the beginning because if it does need to blow because of detonation then i'd rather it blow the head gasket than the block/piston/etc. head gaskets are relatively easy fix in comparison to a whole bottom end.
  7. No issues with mine either
  8. i'm confusing myself here. i thought i previously used 4.100 bore .040 thickness cometics. but i can't find that in a felpro MLS. the only fel-pro's i can find on summit are 4.200 bore.
  9. I believe the pt# is 1133 off the top of my head, I can look it up when I get to the shop.
  10. I had terrible problems with cometics. Leaked coated or not. That block didn't make it too long, so I no longer needed that thick of a gasket.