Headliner Glue

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by Jinx, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. I noticed that my headliner is starting to get a slight peel back at the front edge by the windshield. I need to know what will work in a high heat environment, without looking like the fabric was glued back with a hot glue gun. Any suggestions?

  2. I was quite successful regluing a complete headliner w/ a spray adhesive. The problem w/ hot glue is that the headliner will become saturated (fabric will absorb hot glue) and get stiff very fast. W/ spray adhesive the fabric will be pliable. You will be able to stretch and pull the fabric back to the edge. Heat is not an issue w/ spray adhesive. Use a brand name, 3M -45 General Adhesive is good. The spray can be messy, tape and mask the areas were over spray can occur. Fallow the directions on the can. Keep the windows open.
  3. ^ will take it into consideration. :nice:
  4. Buzz kill! :p

    Great post--this is what I was going to suggest, also, Jinx. Let us know how it turns out, man.
  5. I realized what is causing it. I have those twist up sun shades, the ones that some people can't figure out how to twist in order to store them. Well it appears that rubbing, from repeated placement and removal of them, has caused the fabric to "roll-back" just enough that it has become detached from the roof.

    I will look into getting some 3M spray adhesive as soon as I can. Not a top priority at this time, but is on my to do list.