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  1. Are you using old gas? If so, get rid of it. Or maybe the previous engine owner had old gas and ran the engine on it and gummed up the valves. If they get too gummed up they'll bend, so I wouldn't run it until they're free.

    Anyways, I've used penetrating oil in the past to unstick valves, I've also used transmission oil too.
  2. The valve seems to be acting correctly now, or atleast to a point that I can run it.. I am only getting 14-17in on the vac gauge idling at 1000ish rpm, sometimes it runs well, just above idle it likes to give me a "puff" out of the carb, 2000-3000 rpm it runs flawlessly, but sometimes at idle it will just give a light noise out of the carb, and than loose vacume and "puff" once outta the carb than stall.. This is really starting to get to me... So ither that valve is sticking oppen the slightst bit, or the carb is ****y...
  3. Ok, new more indepth issues, 140 comp, cold, throttle closed, across the board..

    Timing advanced I only get 17Inhg it idles like a champ, but as soon as the throttle plates are oppen to raise it above idle, it pops out of the carb..

    Timing retarded so that it dosent pop out of the intake when throttle is depressed I get 10-13inhg, turn the steering wheel/step on the brake, it stalls.. in order for it to go into gear idle has to be about 1800 rpm to gain enough vac..

    So we figured this was congruent with bad cam to crank timing, as there are no vacume leaks.. and no lean condition..

    Now the curve ball.. pulled the front cover..

    Everything is at 0'... BUT!, there is just under 1" of slack in the timing chain, It is a dual roller setup, to me this seems a bit excessive?

    anyone have any other opinions? maybe someone to lead us down the right path? we are going to go with a gear drive timing setup, as i LOVE the sound, and it seems like a great system since we are down there..
  4. Hey your car is looking great. Excellant work without a doubt!

    Hi, I was reading and looking at your pictures and saw your Valley pan gasket questions. I think you might want to pull this intake and toss it and find a 302 intake. I believe what you have is an intake from a 255, Ford's early 80's downsized v8. They used them in the early Fox chassis cars for 80-82 or something. What is the Part # on the intake? Were the ports on the intake Oval that and the valley pan gasket are a dead give away.

  5. cant remember the numbers off the intake, it is tossed, used the stock 302 mani.. we ruled everything out, so we decided to try a different carb, so i pulled the Torker 289 mani off the other motor i had, and bolted up a 600cfm 4150 holley carb, we'll see how that goes tomrrow, i tucked all the wiring for the most part tonight, looks real clean.. if the carb dosent work out, the only thing left is the dizzy, in wich case i will go and get a msd vac advance and wire it in to the msd 6a box and blaster coil..

    As usual some pics..

    Heads off the race motor




    I still cant believe it clears the scoop..
    Richmond-20110619-00119.jpg :D:D
  6. Looks awesome! Just a word of advice. make sure you use the correct intake gaskets with those heads. Those are 69-74 Windsor heads and have a different water port in the corners that "MIGHT" have issues if you don't use the gaskets for that year head. Not all gaskets will have problems but it's better safe than sorry and mixing oil and water.

  7. thanks for the advice on that! I will be sure to remember that when i put the engine back together.

    As for my new dilemma, Tore the engine down today to find no valve issues, so it leads back to dizzy intermitently failing.. Who woulda guessed, I was POSITIVE it was a sticking valve..

    Anyways figured out it has 1.94, and 1.62 valves in it.. everything looked good,

    So I need some knolage and advice now,

    They are 289 heads, on a 302, It has the H.o Firing order, but we are not sure if there is any difference in the Ho block, 10:1 comp ratio, Stock-mild cam, what should I use for a head gaskit? as i dont want to loose any compression..

    Also, should I put another magnetic pickup in the dizzy? or would i be better off with a oem replacement? or a MSD unit to go with my 6A and blaster2? if so what would you reccomend dizzy wise?

    Thanks guys!
  8. The 302 HO has a different firing order than the older 289/302 small blocks.
    Regardless of which block it is, make sure that your distributer firing order matches the cam timing.
    Also make sure that there is no vacuum leak inside your distributer advance diaphram.
    Both of these happened to me.
  9. VID-20110722-00008.mp4 video by Maccie - Photobucket

    Got this from the first or seccond day i had the car up and running, just a short little guy..

    needless to say up here in canada, winter is filled with sled dogs and things of the sort eh?:lol:

    So the car will be going under the knife...
    plan will be to drop the front end 2" install some 275/55's
    or a 31-10ish tire to help me hook up,
    along with some more drag oriented suspension..
    New high flow oil pump
    1.7 ratio rollers
    comp cam
    Aftermarket springs/retainers

    Tranny is on the way out, So i have a TCI street fighter with a 3500 stalll i will be installing depending on how that goes, My uncle who built the car was never really impressed by the tci unit, said it always shifted soft, but he never had ignition to support the higher rpm, and said he would run out of ignition shortly after he locked up the converter so that could be part of the issue..

    if the Tci unit infact is soft, i plan on building my own tranny, I want BONE BREAKING shifts. I want this little 302 to beg for mercy when it hits seccond gear

    I will be trying to get the car down into the 11's this year, and hopefully into the 10's next year to complete his goal of having a 10 seccond driver..

    so far I have been happy with the car, it has blown the doors off of everything i have put it beside, including my fathers beloved high school cars, 79 trans am (403 olds, 4.11 gears)
    and 79 camaro 350 .030, hurts 4 speed, 3.73's

    2000$ well spent :shrug: