HELP! Bike rack on a mustang???

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Do you think it would be worth it to put a bike rack on the 'stang??

  1. Yes, go for it!

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  2. Sure, if that's your only option..

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  3. Maybe, not sure.

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  4. No way, you're nuts!

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  1. i am considering putting a bike rack *gasp!* on my mustang.
    parking is HORRIBLE on campus and i end up parking a mile away most days. i usually walk, but it takes up SO much extra time that i don't have to spare.

    i'm not the strongest person in the world, nor am i the most coordinated. it would be incredibly inconvenient for me to try and work a bike in and out of my trunk two times a day....

    this is the best looking one i've found so far.
    it might not be TOO awkward...??

    Moss Mustang Store - Parts and Accessories for your Ford Mustang

    what do you think of that?? is it was too stupid looking for a mustang?
    i'd only use it to class and back... it looks pretty easy to take off and put on, so i really wouldn't even have it on there except for to class and back...

    would it be a shame to my poor little mustang??:shrug:
  2. Have you considered a skateboard? :)
  3. trunk mount hitches will eventually chip and wear at the paint.

    i do a fair bit of biking, and am planning to go the hidden hitch + hitch rack route.. but then i have some other considerations, like opening up hurricane evacuation options and taking multiple bikes on long distance trips.

    for the cost, you could get a really fantastic alarm clock, get to the parking lot 8 minutes early, and have enough left to buy a whole 'nother bicycle. ;)
  4. I got to do it........

    You are the stereo typical V6 Mustang owner to a T! :rlaugh: Anyone that would consider buyin a GT would NEVER put a bike rack on it.

    So props to you for sticking with the V6.

    Not trying to be rude...its just a perfect scenario.