Roush Help Deciding Whether To Buy This Or Not

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Fathead, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. I have come across a dealer that has a new 2003 S281 Supercharged Coupe w/ wheel and tire upgrades and center exhaust option, the hollywood homicide package. They want to get rid of it prior to their '04s coming in. Their asking price is $39,400. Should I jump on it or no? Thanks
  2. That's a better price than I got my 03 for. If ya got the money, go for it. Just remember after the interest rate you'll be paying a lot more than that.
  3. I decided to get it. They offered me 0% for 72 also. What did you do for insurance? Is there a special company that I could go through? I have State Farm for my everyday truck right now.
  4. who gave you the 0%, wat bank, and whats the holywood homicide option
  5. Not sure if the option is acctually called that or not (could be) but it refers to the saleen convertable in the Harrison Ford movie where they destroyed the car.
  6. The dealership actually offered the 0% for 72. Only because their 04's are on their way and this 03 was still in their showroom.
    It didn't show on the sticker anything about hollywoord homocide. There were articles written about the saleen cars recently used in movies. The silver convertable was in that harrison ford movie. The one that I got was the red fire coupe that was destroyed by the truck in 2 Fast 2 Furious. One article also mentioned that saleen was reproducing a few of those and were to be for sale.
  7. Actually, the cars used in 2F2F were Liz Stick Red, not fire red. The car actually used in the movie that survived is in VA and it's for sale.
  8. Really?...thanks for the info. I was by no means claiming that it was the actual car though.