HELP!!! Driver side window won't go up!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 98BLKGT, May 26, 2005.

  1. :( The window is all the way open. When I hit "up" switch nothing happens but when I hit "down" button I hear a little click on the drivers side by the fuses. Almost sounds like a turn signal click. I need to roll up my window before it gets dark in 2-3 hours. Any ideas?
  2. Remove the door trim, locate the window motor, turn key on and while pushing on the up button tap the motor with a small hammer. It should send it back up if the motor is the problem. Again this is a "try" solution just to get the window closed. You'll still have to replace the motor if it does move up.
  3. Before you do all that try:

    Slamming the door a couple times
    Waiting a while
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  4. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Oh man that was funny... :rlaugh:

    Does this do it on both switch's ? Which window ?

    Did you check the fuse ?
  5. LOL that lil click was your cheap ass relays. They have overheated...let the car sit over night. Always works for me. Happend to me at a show once too and I only let it sit a few hours.
  6. Now don't laugh, cause this WILL work!!

    Slam the door while holding the switch in the "UP" position. It will pop right up. Works every time! :D
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  7. I think the hammer idea is funnier :D
  8. Ok, I took the pannel off the door and nothing works. I still hear the clicking. Only the drivers side is not working and clicking when I push down button. Passanger side is not clicking and is working. Any way to get the window up manually so i can sleep at night? No garage for me. :nonono:
  9. before you take anything else apart just take a quick look to make the fuse isn't blown, otherwise you can take the panel off by taking out the clip on the front and lifting up on the door, make sure to take out the door jamz first
  10. The rocker switch could be bad.
  11. IT WORKS! That P.O.S. finally works. Thanks for all the suggestions but the one quoted above was the closest. I went to autozone but they didn't have a window motor in stock. They told me to take out the motor, push the window up and then put the motor back in to hold the window up till I get a new motor. As I was doing all this in their parking lot, swearing, my hands bleeding from the sheet metal, i decided to check one more time. With everything apart, the motor worked. :shrug: :mad:

    This might have been the problem. Any way to prevent this in the future?
  12. The window is probably hanging up on the rubber stripping on the door trim panel and the outside of the door that it slides between as it goes up and down. This causes the motor to over heat. Once it cools down it works fine. Fix the problem with the window "hanging up" and you are golden...
  13. Man, you should answer all my questions :D . hehe My window squeeks as it goes up and down. I cant tell exactly where the sqeek comes from but it seems like it comes from behind the little tweeter, the stripping there, even when the door is open. WD40???

    BTW, the previous owner had an accident on that side of the car. Didn't see it untill after I bought the car.
  14. I would not use WD40 I would use silicone spray. This spray is a lot better for rubber...
  15. I don't know a permanent fix. Only thing I can figure is that the relays are working over time cus something is binding.

    98BL...the squeeling is caused by the felt wearing off inside the rubber gasket. You can fix it by applying a buncha armorall inside it.. That worked for me
  16. :nice: :nice: :nice: Thanks everyone!
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    Slam the door while holding the switch in the "UP" position. It will pop right up. Works every time! :D[/quote]
  18. Sticky the slam...:)
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  19. Ok so the slam as funny as it was worked for me on the 2nd good slam. With that said is it just getting stuck or in my motor going out? Can someone please give me an answer to that one please?
  20. Here's something to factor in. The windows are protected by an automatic reset Circuit breaker (not by a fuse). This may explain WHY it "appears" to work sometimes and not others.

    There is also a CB built into the window motor itself.

    Bottom line. If the CB is tripping, something is causing the motor to draw too much power. Either binding or a bad motor.