Help get my car back! Possible fuel issue

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  1. I took my car into a local tuner about in August 2012 for a re-tune after installing a different supercharger ( D1SC -to-D1 ) arger fuel injectors, and having a Pro-M 3" pro-tube re-calibrated for the new sized injectors.
    From the beginning there were a slew of problems that never existed previously, including a WOT issue where the car would "hit a brick wall"and then pick up again.TFI was replaced as well as the distributor,then to be told the "culprit" was the older MSD 6AL box I had in the car.After dealing with these issues, I was told to pick up the car.
    I take it for a test drive, when I find the car will barely start after it has been running, and will stall when I let off the throttle at a stop. The tuner claims it was a bad computer since it pulled code 511,even though this seems the norm for a chiped car. He told me during tuning he couldn't get the computer tuned correctly, and after an EEC change it cured the stalling issue according to him.
    Fast forward to April 2013, I'm trying to get the car back after 8 months, and there is another apparent WOT issue!
    Problem: car hits the a "brick wall" at 2500rpm in 2nd gear and does the same thing in 3rd gear at 3500rpmm then pulls to 6500rpm. On the dyno, the tuner stated that it does not do this behavior and only does this on the road. The tuner claims he has called his buddy who is the owner of C&L MAF company, and C&L stated it must be a bad/inadequate 3" Pro-M pro-tube.
    The tuner is asking me for help to try to track down the root cause, and he cannot pull data logging to see what is going on. Short of picking up the car as-is and cutting my losses, I'm not certain what else to do?

    Has anyone else experienced a similar issue to what this car is experiencing?
  2. Call Sean at Pro-M and let him take a look at the meter....they stand behind their products!

    I've made 834hp through a 3" Pro tube

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  3. Is this an Auto or Manual Computer?

  4. Rick, I think this is the next step as the tuner is a wits end.
  5. It's a manual EEC; J4J1
  6. Code 511 means that there is a chip in the diagnostic port, nothing more. So you are correct, code 511 for a chipped computer is standard. Sounds to me that you either have some broken parts to fix or you have a tuner who doesn't know how to tune a 94-95 computer.
  7. Agreed on code 511. He mentioned from all the EEC cars he's tuned, he's never seen code 511 with a chip, however (me) as a customer has. I think a lot of it has come down to his experience with tuning an EEC-IV car with a chip.
  8. Find another tuner.