Help! Need to see a pic of rear of Smog legal 87-93 head!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Lxpony, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. I got my GT40P heads in mail last night and need to verify that these things are emmissions legal- can some either tell me what the back of the stock E7 heads looks like and any other smog legal head looks like so I can make sure mine are! on the back side of my head there are 3 holes and they appear symetrically identical to the front side of heads

    Anyone have a pic of the rear of the E7 head so I can verify mine look the same?

  2. The upper right hole on the head should go thru to the exhaust side of the head.. stick something in one hole and it should bottom out quickly then put it in the upper right hole it should go in alot further as that hole is tapped into the exhaust flow...

    The P's as far as I know are smog legal
  3. I am currently running GT40P heads, and they DO NOT have the smog holes in them. My old E-7's did, the P's i have now do not.
  4. Were there any holes then - threaded or otherwise in the rear of the heads you are running? IS that cap there like on the fronts?
  5. honestly, i don't recall any holes on the rear other than a coupe of tapped holes for accessories, as the heads aren't side specific they are drilled and tapped for the bolts to hold the A/C and Powersteering bracket. But i do know that they do not have the A.I.R. injection feeds that you are talking about, i know this for a fact as i was glad when I installed them that they didn't because i didn't want to use my homemade block off anymore. Summitt doesn't say that they aren't emissions legal but i'm pretty sure the Ford Racing catalog does, as they don't have the A.I.R. injection feed ports.
  6. well, I just looked in the back side of my stock e7 heads and unbolted the thermactor cross over tube which revealed that the back of the stock heads DO have a hole that the air pump pushes air into during what I believe is only when the engine is cold- question- what do you guys do with the metal air line then with P heads? do you disconnect it or just let it dangle???? And how can the Pheads be smog legal if they do not have that air port drilled in the back of them????
  7. Ive heard of people passing emissions without a smog pump, if that helps. I love not having smog checks in FL.

    anyone from mass pass smog test with GD gt40p heads?
  9. If you say so. :D I have no smog pump, no smog lines, no egr valve and then engine bay looks much cleaner without them. Also have longtube headers off road H and dumps. :nice:

    On the other hand I dont have heat and Fl does get colder than many would think. :nonono:
  10. the A.I.R. injection system is only utilized when cold as far as i know. It's purpose is to lower HC, or Hydocarbon emissions. When your engine is cold it runs rich, as the burning gases exit the cylinders there is unburnt fuel and no oxygen. The purpose of the A.I.R. system is to inject that last bit of air to burn off all the access Hydrocarbons leftover from the combustion process.

    I have no smog equipment on my car so i cannot answer your question about what to do with the existing equipment.

    Since the Emission's test us usually done with the car at full operating temperature i would assume that you can pass without it, but i don't know the specifics, as we have no emissions testing here in Kansas. :D