Help W/ Cruise Control Issues (what's I've Done W/pics)

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  1. Hey there folks-
    I purchased a clean 2000 GT from a pal, knowing the CC doesn't function. Used info I read posted by you folks to get a head start and here's where I'm at:

    The white arm of the cruise control deactivator switch was off the brake pedal to start, so that was a nice little catch. The orange wire coming off it lights up my test probe. The solid green wire does not, whether pressing the pedal or not. Also while I was down there, I disconnected other connections I saw. I’ve attached a picture of what I noticed, not sure if it helps.

    The first part I disconnected was the switch mounted on the brake pedal (circled in orange and yellow). With the key on, the prong that's wired to the green wire with little red stripe has power. The other prong wired to the red wire with little green stripe does nothing whether brake pressed or not.

    I also saw another connection, grey, that was wired into the same harness as the brake pedal switch. The wires to this were solid green. I took that apart and when pressing the clutch, one prong lights my test probe up, but the other prong does nothing either way.
    Fuses 17-33-35 are all integral and lit the probe up (one of them lights only when the brake pedal is depressed, which I believe is what's it's supposed to do.

    In reading some of the posts, there was one talking about checking the speed control deactivation switch and speed control servo. The diagram I saw posted shows the SCDS on the brake master cylinder. I have no such switch nor a place for this switch on my cylinder. The diagram also shows the servo, but again, i dont see the same on my engine.

    Any help ya'll be willing to offer would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. arghh- I'm a tool. I didn't press the little white arm back onto the brake pedal hard enough, it popped off when I climbed out. Now it's back on for good and everything is just dandy. Thanks for reading.