Help With Fitting 17" Wheels On My 65 Mustang??

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  1. recently got a 1965 mustang and I want to put 17 inch torq thrust II wheels on it. I need help with what size would fit. I have magnum 500's on now. could really use some advice!!
  2. Well howwwwwdy
  3. man if you have any* info for me it'd be very much appreciated!
  4. hey man! could really use some help if you have any info!
  5. We'll get you sorted out
  6. alright thank you for the reply
  7. No problemo
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  8. I moved you to classic talk ,someone should be able to help you here . And welcome to Stangnet :welcome:
  9. alright! thank you
  10. i recommend a 17X8 with a 4.75 BS on the rear, that will allow a 255 tire without any issues or up to 275 with some minor clearancing. On the front a 17X7 with 4.5 BS
  11. but im running MB wheels on the Discount tire website that are 17 x 8 in front and 17 x 9.5 in rear with both of them being 4.5" backspacing, also if you call Discount tire they will actually have an operator that can talk to you and let you know what fits as well
  12. alright thanks!
  13. alright I'll check them out! thanks
  14. could I run 17x8 on front and rear with 235 or 245'?
  15. yes i believe the front tires that i am running are 235s but ill check tomorrow morning when i get home from work to verify
  16. Yes I'm running 235/45 up front and 265/40 out back
  17. Said it before, I'll say it again, NO 17's on 65-6 cars. They do not belong.