1. hi im new here my names matt. ive got a ? for you guys. theres a 1990 notch 2.3 new head and new tranny (auto) the guys says hes got recipts for all thats hes done. he says it idles rough and that the timings off . but supposedly above idle it runs good oh and it has a flowmaster. can i fix the timing by rotating the distributer? and is it worth $1000
  2. What kinda condition is it in?

    And, if fixing the timing issue was as simple as turning the distributor, wouldn't he have done that already? :shrug:
  3. its in good condition. its silver with a burgandy nose and black interior. thats what i thought but this guy dont know what hes doing really. my dad said the same thing. but what other problem could it have? he said it was like 20 degrees off or something.
  4. If you can test drive it...try loosening the distributor hold down bolt and turning the distributor counter-clockwise while the car is idling. If the idle improves, you'll know that the timing just needs adjusted.
  5. yeah im gona call him tonight and go look at it saturdaybut it sounds like a good deal. if the head and tranny are new thats a few hundred right there