HID kits?

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  1. I ended up buying a different kit. My kit is 8500k with hella ballasts and bulbs.
  2. hey lxstsy, im still waiting on the info on becoming a vendor here, if you could look into it, it will be greatly appriciated.

    we will also have a complete plug n play solution for the 87-93 guys out there it will include new projector housing+hid+demon eyes here's a sneak pic.

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  3. here is mine euro M3 bi-xenons projectors i installed. I cant even describe how much better visibility is with them compared to crappy stock ford headlights.
    more pix on my cardomain site..


  4. nice, me likey:)
  5. puparoV6 do you have a list of details of the process that you did to convert your lights? where did you get your parts from
  6. i pick up pair of headlights from crached m3 in germany cheap. Only used projectors and ballasts and rings around projector from them-sold rest so was even better money wise. Bought pair of OEM ford headlighs (darker ones from 2001)on ebay. opened them up, painted chromed reflector with flat black hight temp. paint.headlight looks dark but it not lenses -it is just black insides.. ,made hole on the back of the reflector bigger to fit projector, used some screws and glue to fix projector there(took my time to properly align it first so the the beam cut off line was perfectly straight and beam was centered. Do it by installing headlight on the car without lenses and rotate projecto a little.)
    Installed rings wich also painted black around projectors. After all done glued lenses back. I splaced wires directly to the stock harness -no exra wiring or relays- nothing. and wires not even warm or anything.Works fine for ~2.5years I can adjust them up and down exactly as stock headlights.
    Also had to make opening behind headlights bigger as projector sticks out more the stock bulb...

    Hardest part actually is to initially adjust projector inside reflector so the beam patter is perfect horizontally...
    I think you can get projectors and ballasts on Ebay easily..
    80-100W ulra white bulbs with stock headlights


    HID's low beam after

  7. where you actually in germany at like a junk yard or did you order them from online and had them shipped?

    thanks for theinfo.
  8. i was visiting my friends there...
  9. how far away is your car from the wall?
  10. ~25 ft. I was adjusting headlights hight.
  11. that beam pattern looks beautiful
  12. hey man were u at FFW?
  13. Yep.. i was there.
  14. i thought i might have saw your car- but im not 100% sure.

    are you going to the CJMF show?
  15. you probably saw it there. I was next to a white 97 cobra and a black 99 GT with purple flames and some crazy audio/video stuff in the trunk.

    And yes, I'll be there for the CJMF show as long as nothing pops up that weekend.