Hmmm... scallops ?

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  1. I recently noticed that on every other MII the scallop starts at the quater panel goes through the door and ends at the wheel well. I noticed on mine ( atleast on the passenger side ) the scallop doesn't continue on to the fender.. does anyone know what is up with that or am I just crazy?
    Check it out !
  2. Yep, the scallop does extend into the front fender. I'd say that either your fender has some serious body filler on it (hard to tell from that pic, but the fender DOES look like the entire shape is off), OR maybe the 74s didn't have that part, as the 74 front fender was unique to that year. I looked at the pics of my brothers car, and it's too hard to tell, as his side stripe rides right along that part.
  3. Before I posted i scoured the gallery and couldnt find a good pic, but i just looked again and saw a 74 coupe that did, and i know they wouldn't just change it for the 74 2+2. To me, it's honestly not a huge deal, but still. I am unsure about the driver, its tarped but i will look, thanks for the help, oh, and you're brothers car is great! :) 74!
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  5. Uhhhh..

    I'm sorry, we were looking for miter saw... maybe nextime..