Homemade Strut Tower Brace?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by conartist, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. As the title says, is it possible to make your own strut
    tower brace? With a bit of tubing and welding some
    plates, you'd basically have the same thing that many
    performance companies sell.

    Is it possible?
    Would It be cheaper?
    What materials would be best for Strength?

  2. Possible? Yes

    Cheaper? If you weld it up yourself, yes. Unless you can find a cheap used one, but that's a wildcard.

    Materials? Not sure. I won't even say my guess as to not lead you wrong. I'll let others point that out for ya.
  3. I bet I could make one out of an old bike frame :rlaugh: Leave the huffy stickers on too. :rolleyes:

    Heck no, it would be too much time and trouble to make only one. If you have the skills and the shop, then yes you can make it. And it might be fun to do just because you can. You can say you made it. I can fab metal parts. I just dont have a shop to use right now. :notnice:
  4. Jamie (IIRC) has a write up on his site to do them.
  5. I made my own...simple as pie. Although I've also got a pipe bender. :D Check out William R Mathis's "Mustang Performance Handbook 2. It's got detailed plans on how to make front and rear Strut Tower Braces, Sub Frame Connectors, a G-load brace and even 4-6-8 point Roll Cages. As well as several other chassis and brakeing enhancements. Very handy to have if you've to the tools to do the deed! :nice:
  6. i am going to do this to one day but i need to ask this first. what is the difference between the 85 and down and the 86 and up ones. just the carbed filter housing right. i have an 89 with a carb so i can buy one for an earlier model or make one to look like an 85 and down.
  7. Yeah, you'll have to use a pre-86 set up. They're designed to clean the air cleaner, unlike the 86-up which don't need to.