1. When I bought my car it came with a lift off cowl hood and did not have most of the hood hardware (latch, prop, hinges, etc). I just got a bolt on cowl hood. I got a latch and hinges from a junk yard car but the hood prop was bent. Fox body mustangs are hard to come by in junk yards, so are there any other cars I can use the hood prop and clips from?

  2. not sure on that one. ebay or the board classifieds may be your best bet.
  3. 86 87 Cougar T bird?
  4. What do you think of a hood strut kit? Is it a fiberglass or steel cowl, just open it up and let it go, the only thing with those is I dont think they will work with a fiberglass hood.
  5. they use to make a low force set up for glass hoods
  6. Huh thats good to know. I'd like to put on on mine but I am afraid of either it cracking in the middle or more so at the mount.
  7. plus they use them on SN95 hoods which are glass from the factory
  8. Yeah but the factory probably reinforces the mount area on an aftermarket hood there isn't much to work with.
  9. I've got the stainless steel ones on my glass hood

  10. Nice, it doesn't seem to hurt the fiberglass? What kit is it?
  11. the prop rod kit is the Redline Elite. they look sweet, work great, and have a slow open feature to prevent any unwanted stress on the hood by preventing the impact
  12. This

    ...and this.

    I've seen them installed on several Fox cars with fiberglass hoods. The only precaution that was taken was a pretty substantially sized base plate for the hood was fabricated to spread out the load.
  13. I can't see the image but thanks for the info I'll have to look into this.