How do you remove an 8.8" axle tube?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 68DARKHORSE, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. Do you just drill out these buttons?

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  2. I think they are partially pressed to fit. WTF do you want to remove the tubes? Be aware that when you get them back together, they need to be square or things just wont be right.
  3. Yeah, most people just have them welded to the pumpkin
  4. This is an Explorer rear end. The tubes do not appear to be welded anywhere, except for these 3 buttons(per tube). The pinion is offset 4" to the right. The left axle is 3" longer than the right axle. If I cut the left tube and use another right axle, the pinion will be closer to center and my 275-50-15 DRs will tuck in on my '68.

    The Expy unit came with 31 spline t-loc, 3.73 gears, and disc brakes. I was going to use all the Expy internals in a Fox rear. It will be much cheaper to cut the Expy rear than to buy 31 spline axles for the Fox rear.

  5. Instead of doing that, buy some 9 inch housing ends. Cut the existing ends off the housing that you have and weld on the nine inch ends. That way you can use the 9 inch bearing on the 8.8 and get rid of c-clips. This is a common thing and if you can do the welding will cost less than $100.
  6. I've considered that mod also. That would require a pair of 31 spline axles. One short Expy axle would be much cheaper as there is little demand for them. If I remember correctly, the left and right axles are not the same length in the 9". The left and right axles in the 8.8" are the same. That would mean 9" axles that fit the 8.8" rear would be aftermarket/custom.

    I've also considered using the Expy axle tube ends that I already have on the Fox housing. The Expy uses larger bearings and 3" tubes like a 9". I haven't measured the bearing yet.

    It still seems like the easiest thing to do is to cut 3" off the left tube on the Expy and use 2 short axles. This will require no custom parts.

    Off course I'm looking at every option.