How fast are 92 z28's

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  1. There is a dude that wants to race me and i am not very big into street racing.. I told him I am going to take my car to the track here sometime once i get the time.. I think i would take him if i reamber they arent all that fast..
  2. Iroc-Z.. slow as crap..
  3. Not that fast...they got faster in 93..BUT he could have done some work since there is lots of parts available for chevy smallblocks.
  4. :Word: Find out what he's done to it before you put any money down. If its just a race to see whos faster then just do it and find out, at the track of course :nice:
  5. they are slow stock but if he has engine work done and has a 383 stroker with a built rearend then he might be pretty quick
  6. But he may have the 305 in that thing.. which is even crappier than the 350 :D

    But, I have seen some pretty fast camaros with that body style
  7. Ahhhhh the old IROC Z :rolleyes: well personaly ive seen them run low 7's at the local 8th mile track and run low 11's :rlaugh: so it depends on if the car is stock (no problem:D ) to modded and haveing a stroker small block chevy :eek: and that could be something to fear...........possibly :D
  8. Yup, major factor is what is in that engine bay.
  9. I owned an Iroc-Z28, and it was no where near as fast as my 92 mustang stock for stock.

    but, as everyone is saying above, find out about mods. also, as i remember, the chevy auto's of the day were horrible performance suckers, so if he has that, theres a big advantage.
  10. In 92' the 305 was good for mid 15's and the 350's were running high 14's to low 15's, so about the same as the old 5.0 Stangs and the non-Pi 4.6's.
  11. Turns out my g/f and her friend thought it was a z28 welp it was a stock Rs with a 305tbi.. But me and my g/f meet up with them at chillis and it was full so we go somewhere else and he pulls up at the red light all reving the motor and i was hmm ok.. But i easy off the gas so i dont spin the tires and then floor it and still kill him and i pull into the place we was going to eat and i was almost parked then he pulls up.. I dont think he really liked that lol!
  12. The death of the IROC-Z....lots of my Italian friends here in Jersey are still in mourning :)
  13. :lol: :rlaugh:
  14. 92. L-98 mated only with 700R. Was pretty quick car back then, but I think most of them now are broken down...
  15. Allen what color is that 92? I think i know who your talking about...
  16. the IROC name was dropped half way through 1990 - so in 1992, it was just a Z-28... this year also happens to be one of my favorite years of the Camaro, and I have been dying to get my hands on an unabused '92 (pretty sure they dont exist lol). As stated, it doesn't take much to make a small block chevy fast, in fact a buddy of mine had an 11 second fully built 355 in his '87 IROC... and that motor was running an 8.5:1 CR

    heres some good info for you if you want it
  17. Awsome kill!!!!!! I just broke my no racing streak of about 4 months tonight :( I was going to stop (still am) but some guy in an RX-8 was screwing with me a I decided to go. The main one I shifting out o 2nd (not WOT) @ 4K and saw him nail it, so i hit 3rd and pushed down in 3rd...stayed even for about a second (2.5 cars back) then cought and drove past him FAST. Just went to 4th (him= 1/2 car back) and got out of it (90ish) LOL. He did a fly by :shrug:
  18. My friends parents bought him a new 92 Z28 after we graduated high school (91) with the 5.7 in it. It was his first car....needless to say he wrecked it 3 times and was on his 3rd one when I finally got a chance to race him in my 89 5.0. I used to beat him but my other friend would beat me in his Grand National...Damn high school was fun :)
    I miss those IROCKS alot of my friends had them in high school and girls loved them.
  19. Street racing is teh bad.... bad hotmustang bad... go to your corner.

  20. :lol: for some reason i find this funny

    anywho i have a friend with a bone stock 91 RS with teh 305 TBI auto(new tranny) he ran a 10.4 @70mph at an 1/8 :rlaugh: he barely beat another friand of mine with a civic Si 00' by .2