How many different models in '05?

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  1. How many differnt models to you realistically think there will be in 2005?

    Here's my predictions:

    Base V6 model.
    GT Model.

    Base V6

    GT, Bullit maybe
    Mach 1 or Boss

    I'm just basing this off of previous years. THe base and GT were the only thing available in 1994, and 1999. The Cobra's came later, and a model in between the GT and Cobra did't show up until after that, or not at all depending on the generation.

    What do you guys think?

  2. With the GT rumoured to get between 300-320hp, I have a feeling we'll get a special edition sooner than most people think.

    If the Cobra is going to have 500hp, you need something to fill the gap.

    Plus, with the new engine having a Throttle Body just begging to be hooked up to a ram-air etc. you know Ford is thinking about it.

    At the very least, a functional hood scoop mounted on the 4.6L 3-valve as a Mach 1 for 05/06.

    I say expect a model between the GT and the cobra appearing as an 05 or 06 for sure.

    All the magazine articles (for what they are worth) have said the Mach/special editions, will continue every year. Now, many of these articles are obviously written with big brother ford as the editor (ie. you can write it but we have to approve it) so I don't think that they would want people to be having false hopes.

    The only thing is, it may be called a GT350 instead of an 05 Mach 1.
  3. Ford has stated there will be no special models for 05. they want to focus on getting the base products correct. so no "factory" special models will be available from Ford in 05. only V6's and GT's. but what remains to be seen is if the rumored Shelby Mustangs will be direct from Ford. although i still doubt a Shelby in 05.
  4. Well...if there is a Mach1/GT350, I hope it has a shaker hood like the current Mach1's. Even if it doen't really add any power, the shaker hood has got to be one of the coolest things I've seen on a production car, especially a modern production car.

  5. I am going to say that there will be some special edition 2007 cars but one of them will not be a Cobra. With Fords current track record they have been making Cobras every other year. We'll just have to see.
  6. Except that they have a 2004 cobra.
  7. Ford produced a Cobra in 1999 - that is the year with the famous power problem. They did not produce any Cobras in 2000 (excluding Cobra R) because of the ongoing effort to fix the 1999's at the time.

  8. 1999
    2000 No, power issue
    2002 No, Minor redesign and the S/C version wasn't ready yet...
    2004 Partial year, click here
    2005 No, Total redesign...

  9. They are tough to predict. They had a nice stretch of 7 years with a Cobra model though. :crazy:
  10. I have never read/heard that there would be no special model in 05. It's only been speculation by members of different boards. The magazines have all gone as far as to say there WILL be special editions each year espeically after the success of the Mach. I would appreciate a reference to this info.
  11. Don't forget to factor in, that the '05 convertible is lagging the coupe by almost 6 months. IMHO, for that to happen, Team Mustang must have run out of resources like people. In other words, I don't think there is any one left to spend any time working on special editions.
  12. True, but who buys a vert in the winter anyway. They'd be better off to wait for late winter/early spring anyway.

    Plus, I'm pretty sure the guys who do the special editions are not the same people that do the vert.
  13. It could also be that they are trying to build up enough coupes for estimated orders. I don't believe that convertibles seell as many as coupes. So they would be less of a priority.
  14. It was actually because they were having a problem with the top....
  15. Wow, can't believe a couple of engineers + 1 week of late nights couldn't have solved that??
  16. Depends onthe complexity of the problem.
  17. Besides the Base and GT, I'm sure Saleen and/or Roush will have something out a few months after the initial sales of the '05 to have other buying options. I see wonderful things for the Mustang in '06 though.
  18. Saleen has been sold to another company. So they may or may not stay in the tuner business.
  19. I bought my convertible in the late fall. It was time to buy a new car, and I wanted a convertible. It the choice was to buy then, or walk around for five months while I waited for the "right" weather to buy the new car. :)